Grassroots Green Homes Project

As Pittsburgh moves towards 100% clean energy, it’s imperative that the benefits of the transition are accessible to all.

We know the first step to 100% renewable energy is efficiency, yet our homes in Pittsburgh rank among the worst in the nation. Across the country, families spend an average of 3.5% of their income on utilities. In Pittsburgh, that number is 9.4%, and over a quarter of low income homes spend an astounding 16% of their income on energy bills. Many families have to make choices between proper nutrition and keeping the lights on. So Ready for 100 teamed up with Conservation Consultant Inc’s Grassroots Green Homes program.

Sierra Club Ready for 100 Organizer Eva Resnick-Day is gesturing to Homewood resident as she signs up for Grassroots Green Homes program clipboard in hand at the Community Food Bank

The program has a goal to serve 300 Homewood households with a free energy efficiency program that cuts utility bills and energy use an average of 15% through education and tools over the course of a year. This is a huge opportunity to save energy while saving families money, and Sierra Club recognizes the role of people power to reach as many families as possible.

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There are families and individuals for whom retrofitting and weatherization may provide a pathway out of poverty, but with an additional $300 dollar burden for a energy audit and lack of resources, the pathway is not accessible to the majority of our communities, especially those who are hit the hardest. The Grassroots Green Homes Program has the potential to improve the lives of hundreds and provide residents with the knowledge and tools to start lowering Pittsburgh’s vast energy burden.