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A Hiker's Guide to the Laurel Highlands Trail

This guide is a joint effort of the Pa. Chapter of the Sierra Club and the Western Pa. Conservancy. The first half of the guide covers such topics as:

  • The geology and geologic history of Laurel Hill
  • The climate, vegetation and wildlife of Laurel Hill
  • A flow sheet that makes tree identification easy, fun and fast
  • The cultural history of Laurel Hill from the time of the native Americans to the more recent public-land acquisition era
  • Current land use

Authors of Part 1 were William R. Brice, William J. Curry III, Uldis Kaktins and Barbara S. Thorne.

The second half of the guide covers such topics as:

  • A detailed written description on the trail for hikers and backpackers
  • How to get to the various trailheads by car
  • An elevation profile of Laurel Highlands Trail
  • Planning hikes and backpack trips on the trail
  • Reserving trail shelters for overnight stays
  • Suggestions on what to take, how to dress, and when to go hiking
  • A list of hiking organizations in the area

Part 2 was written by Bruce Sundquist. In all, the 6×9″ paperback contains 132 pages, with 27 pages of maps, 19 photographs and 21 illustrations. Edition 6 (2004)

Price: $11.50