ALCOSAN: Expand the Plan!

The City of Pittsburgh is the largest municipality in ALCOSAN but it is only one of 83 customer municipalities. It is critical that ALCOSAN follow the leadership of the City of Pittsburgh. ALCOSAN must make major investments in green infrastructure AND create a system wide science based study to make sure that those investments will give us the biggest bang for the buck.

Tell ALCOSAN that we need a "green first" plan like this for the WHOLE ALCOSAN region- not just the City.

Detail of a map showing plans to revitalize sewer infrastructure in Pittsburgh

Now's your chance! Tell ALCOSAN to:

  • Prioritize funding to the Panther Hollow Project (almost ready to go and is projected to remove large amounts of stormwater)
  • Expand PWSA’s science based Clean and Green plan to the whole ALCOSAN service area.
  • Commit to more and larger grants to green projects.

ALCOSAN has started to make green investments but we need them to expand Pittsburgh’s Green Study to their entire service region and fund the Four Mile Run project.

Please add your name to hundreds of other residents calling on ALCOSAN to step up its game on expanding green-first solutions by signing this letter.