Texas Election Update: What Happens Now?

Prop 7 passes. Prop 14 passes. What Now?



Texans had some big wins in Tuesday’s elections. Together we won $1 billion for state parks and saw important local victories from Houston to North Texas to Austin.

Unfortunately, Gov. Greg Abbott’s taxpayer handout to fossil fuel corporations - Prop 7 - also passed. Now fossil fuel special interests could have up to $10 billion in new subsidies to build more polluting gas power plants and enrich the same companies that profited off us during Winter Storm Uri.

The campaign to build a strong, resilient grid with clean, affordable energy and local jobs does not stop here. In fact, we need you to take action today.

Why? Because it will take years to build these expensive new gas plants, but the Public Utility Commission of Texas could soon approve another hair-brained scheme to bring zombie power plants back to life.

Wait, what? Separate from Prop 7, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) has made an astonishing request to bring shuttered, polluting gas and coal plants back from the dead. This could lead to more pollution in frontline communities. Texas regulators do not need to do this when we have more affordable, cleaner, and faster options to reduce stress on the electric grid!

Halloween is over. Tell the PUC to stop ERCOT’s zombie power plant efforts and instead invest in clean alternatives.

Solutions to strengthen our electric grid need to do three things: 1) Strengthen the grid, 2) Lower utility bills for Texas families, and 3) Not pollute our air and water. The PUCT needs to hear this from thousands and thousands of Texans. Can you add your voice to the chorus?

Energy efficiency programs help thousands of Texans weatherize their homes so they don’t waste energy. Demand response programs pay customers for reducing energy consumption. Both solutions should be prioritized ahead of more fossil fuel power plants, new or zombified.

Texas can do this! Together we can shine a light on Greg Abbott's legacy of fossil fuel cronyism and organize to grow our movement for energy and climate justice.

Send the PUC a message urging them to prioritize customer-first solutions to our power grid problems.