Chapter Committees

Chapter Executive Committee

The Chapter Executive Committee, or ExCom, is the governing board and leadership team of the Sierra Club Lone Star Chapter. It helps to determine chapter priorities while supporting the chapter through fundraising, budgetary, and event support duties. 

Contact the Executive Committee by emailing

Austin Rep: Bob Hendricks

Big Bend Rep: Brandt Sheppard Buchanan (Alpine)    

Coastal Bend Rep: Teresa Klein

Fort Worth Rep: Chris Evans

Golden Triangle Rep: Mary Bernard, Ellen Buchanan (alt)

Houston Rep: Linda Mundwiller. Melanie Oldham (alt)

Lower Rio Grande Valley Rep: Bill Berg

Dallas Rep: John Lingenfelder 

Alamo Rep: Hector Gonzalez (Treasurer)

At Large: David Griggs (Political Committee Chair), Bruce Melton, Craig Nazor, Chris Cruz, Andy Balinsky (Chair), Juan Mancias, Eli McKay, Marta Elena Peña, Pete Parsons, Marlene Plua

Lone Star Chapter Officers and Committee Chairs

Chair: Andy Balinsky

Vice Chair: Bob Hendricks    

Treasurer: Hector Gonzalez

Conservation Chair: Craig Nazor

Secretary: John Lingenfelder

Steering Committee

Andy Balinsky, Bob Hendricks, Bruce Melton, Craig Nazor, Hector Gonzalez

Nominations Committee

Chair - Bruce Melton, Eli McKay, (plus to recruit a non-Executive Committee member)

Elections Committee

Chair - Bruce Melton, Eli McKay, Matt Johnson

Forestry Management Issues

Chair - Brandt Mannchen

Awards Nominations Committee

Bruce Melton

Awards Event Committee

Marlene Plua, Bob Hendricks, Wendell Withrow

Energy Democracy Committee

Bob Hendricks, Marlene Plua, Craig Nazor, Chris Cruz, Bill Berg

Equity and Anti-Racism Education Committee

Marlene Plua, Marta Peña, Andy Balinsky, Eli McKay

Outings Committee

Chair - Marlene Plua

Water for the People and Environment Committee

Marlene Plua, Teresa Klein

Legal Committee


Membership Committee


Political Chair

David Griggs