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Feb 28, 2024: Sierra Club Files Amicus Brief Addressing Data Collection of Cryptocurrency Mining

Feb 14, 2024: Sierra Club Lone Star Chapter Statement on “Connect the Grid Act”

Feb 2, 2024: Carrizo Comecrudo Tribe, Sierra Club, and Save RGV Win Appeal Against Texas GLO and Cameron County for Closing Boca Chica Beach for SpaceX


Nov 8, 2023: Sierra Club Statement on Passage of Texas Proposition 7

October 6, 2023: Biden Administration Waives 26 Federal Laws to Build New Border Wall in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley

June 28, 2023: Sierra Club Intervenes to Address Weak Utility Energy Efficiency Plans

June 20, 2023: Gov. Abbott Vetoes Energy Efficiency Building Codes Bill

May 28, 2023: Under Impeachment Shadow, Amendment to Bring Water Infrastructure to Rio Grande Valley Targeted for Removal

May 18, 2023: Energy Efficiency Bill Close to Passing, Utilities Attempt to Derail 

April 19, 2023: Rio Grande Valley Community React Ahead of SpaceX Rocket Launch Blast on the South Texas Coastline

April 14, 2023: Rio Grande Valley Residents Join IRA Community Workshop to Tell Department of Energy To Support Renewables

Mar. 2, 2023: New Report Shows Parish Coal Plant Kills People Across Texas and State Lines

Mar. 2, 2023: Report Shows Martin Lake Coal Plant Kills People Across Texas and State Lines

Feb. 17, 2023: US House Committees' Field Hearings Pushed Harmful Message for Fossil Fuel Industry

Feb. 17, 2023: Texas AG Aims To Shirk Responsibility for State’s Pollution that Travels Across Borders

Feb. 14, 2023: Texas Groups Urge EPA to Break Up With Haze, Commit to Clean Air

Jan. 23, 2023: CPS Energy in San Antonio Announces 2028 Spruce Coal Closure

Jan. 19, 2023: Sierra Club Statement on PUC's Initial Approval of PCM Market Redesign Concept 

Jan. 19, 2023: Sierra Club Intervenes to Support Tolk Coal Plant Early Retirement 

Jan. 6, 2023: Proposed EPA Soot Standard Falls Short, Leaves Thousands at Risk


Dec. 9, 2022: Austin City Council Approves Another Large Energy Rate Hike 

Dec. 2, 2022: FERC Again Acts Against South Texas Communities by Fast-Tracking Rio Grande LNG Project

Nov. 15, 2022: Lawsuit Would Push EPA to Enforce Clean Air Act Regulations For Martin Lake Coal Plant

Nov. 11, 2022: PUC OKs Expensive, Polluting Fracked Gas Plant in Southeast Texas

Nov. 11, 2022: EPA Releases Improved Safeguards for Monitoring and Stopping Methane Leaks

Oct. 18, 2022: Report: Rio Grande Valley in Texas At Risk From LNG Export Terminals

Oct. 17, 2022: New Podcast “Breaking the Cycle” Aims to Give Narrative Control to Frontline Communities Fighting Fracked Gas Industry

Oct. 4, 2022: Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Receives Major Public Push Back to Rio Grande LNG Carbon Capture and Storage Facility

Oct. 3, 2022: Entergy Texas Scores “F” in Sierra Club Climate Report

Sept. 20, 2022: EPA Calls on Dallas, Houston Areas to Reduce Smog Pollution

Sept. 16, 2022: Reinstatement of Offshore Drilling Leases Threatens Gulf Coast Communities

Sept. 15, 2022: More Than Two Dozen Advocacy Orgs and Businesses Call On Texas Public Utilities Commission to Adopt Energy Efficiency Rulemaking 

Sept. 12, 2022: Advocates Urge Austin City Council to Continue Green Power Legacy as Rate Hike Request Moves Forward

Sept. 6, 2022: Environmental Organizations Condemn TCEQ’s Withdrawal of Ban on Plastic Pollution

Aug. 30, 2022: Circuit Court Rules Against ExxonMobil a Third Time, Upholds Record Clean Air Act Penalty

Aug. 24, 2022: Texas Comptroller’s Climate Denying Publicity Stunt Will Be Costly for Taxpayers

June 16, 2022: San Antonio City Council Extends Crucial Energy Savings Program for Five More Years

June 8, 2022: Sierra Club and Others Sue EPA to Ensure Action on Ozone Pollution Across the Country, Including Across Texas

May 9, 2022: Texans Urge Environmental Protection Agency to Protect Public Health by Strengthening Ozone Standards

May 5, 2022: Sierra Club Joins Lawsuit Against Texas GLO and Cameron County for Closing Boca Chica Beach for SpaceX

May 2, 2022: French Firm’s Deal With Rio Grande LNG Locks France Into Fracked Gas Until 2041

April 1, 2022: EPA Fails to Take Action to Address Ozone Pollution in Bexar County

March 25, 2022: Gulf Coast Groups Respond to Biden's EU Task Force: Don't Turn the Gulf Into a Fracked Gas Sacrifice Zone

March 21, 2022: Sierra Club Urges Entergy to Improve Renewable Energy Proposal 

February 23, 2022: EPA Fails to Take Action to Address Ozone Pollution Across Texas 

February 15, 2022: New Report: 2021’s Winter Storm Uri Didn’t Need To Be So Deadly and Expensive

February 9, 2022: Sierra Club denounces the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality’s inadequate plan to address dangerous SO2 pollution at Vistra’s Martin Lake Coal Plant

February 1, 2022: TCEQ Must Stop Blaming Mexico For El Paso Air Quality

January 4, 2022: Freezing Temperatures Disrupt Texas Gas Supply, Pollute Communities

January 3, 2022: Rio Grande LNG Export Project Delayed Yet Again


November 23, 2021: El Paso Ozone Levels Exceed Federal Standards, Must Be Addressed

November 23, 2021: Saturday’s People’s Hearing Demanded That The PUC And Gov. Abbott Fix The Grid

November 19, 2021: South Texas Coalition Sues Army Corps of Engineers For Issuing Permit to Rio Grande LNG and Rio Bravo Pipeline That Violates the Clean Water Act

October 14, 2021: Organizations File Complaint to Federal Aviation Administration to Demand Spanish Language Access of SpaceX Public Hearings

September 21, 2021: Environmental and Labor Rights Activists Sway Tarrant County to Delay Decision On Tax Abatement to Automotive Corporation

September 7, 2021: Sierra Club: Congress Has Ninety Days to Undo Harm Done To Texas Voters

August 27, 2021: Sierra Club Decries Failure of the Texas Legislature to Protect Voting Rights

August 23, 2021: Sierra Club Urges House Democrats to Hold the Line

August 17, 2021: Community Advocates Secure Significant Health and Climate Concessions around Newman 6

August 10, 2021: Texas for All Strongly Urges Lawmakers to Continue Quorum Break, Stay Out of Austin 

August 3, 2021: Native Americans and Local Residents Sue U.S. Army Corps of Engineers over Oil Export Terminal Expansion Approval

August 3, 2021: Court Confirms FERC Failed to Study Climate, Environmental Justice Impacts of Brownsville Fracked Gas Export Terminals

July 15, 2021: Hundreds Express Opposition to El Paso Electric's Proposed Fossil Gas Expansion

July 13, 2021: Texas House Democrats Took Bold Action, Now The Senate Must Pass The For The People Act

July 7, 2021: Governor Abbott’s Demands Would Leave Texas more Polluted and Texans in the Dark 

June 17, 2021: TCEQ Continues Effort to Hide Information on Toxic Air Pollution From Public In Desperate Appeal After Court Order to Deliver Withheld Documents

June 15, 2021: Governor Abbott and Texas Legislature’s Failure to Improve Power Grid Jeopardizes Lives of Texans, Again

May 4, 2021: After Texas House Passes HB 2716, Senate Must Decide to Restore Parks & Wildlife Power to Intervene in Pollution Permit Applications

April 27, 2021Bill Will Restore Texas Parks’ Role in Protecting the State’s Water, Fish, and Wildlife Resources

April 22, 2021: On Earth Day, San Antonio’s Climate Justice Community Calls for Extensive Energy & Housing Policy Reforms

April 13, 2021: Nineteen NGOs, Business Groups Call for Hearings on Energy Efficiency Bills in Texas Legislature

March 22, 2021: Plans for Annova LNG Fracked Gas Export Terminal Ditched

January 25, 2021: CPS Energy Fails New National Utility Survey on Climate Action

January 14, 2021: Plan to Import and Store Rio Grande LNG Fracked Gas in Cork Harbour Scrapped

January 13, 2021: Coalition Calls On Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton to Resign From Office After Inciting Violent, Pro-Trump Mob


November 5, 2020: American Electric Power to Stop Burning Coal at Power Plants in Texas and Indiana

November 3, 2020: Engie Drops Rio Grande LNG Fracked Gas Export Deal After French Government Raises Pollution Concerns

October 21, 2020: Rio Grande LNG Fracked Gas Export Facility Hits Setback as French Government Blocks Deal for Being Too Dirty

October 21, 2020: TCEQ Gives Xcel a 4-year Free Pass to Violate Pollution Safeguards and Approves Additional Gas Burning at Amarillo Coal Plant Without Public Input

October 2, 2020: Federal Court Still Requires EPA to Enforce Civil Rights

September 29, 2020: Vistra Announces Coal Retirements in Illinois, Ohio with No Plans for Remaining Texas Coal Fleet

September 21, 2020: Sierra Club Releases New Reports on Texas Coal Pollution and Calls on EPA to Take Action in Texas Panhandle and North East Texas

August 25, 2020: Plan to Reopen Gibbons Creek Coal Plant Takes A Hit as TMPA Backs Out of Interconnection Agreement

August 18, 2020: Environmental Groups Sue Texas Wood Pellet Plant for Toxic Emissions

August 13, 2020: Trump Administration Gives Polluters a Free Pass for Methane Pollution

August 13, 2020: Concerns Remain as Kinder Morgan Announces New Route for Destructive Permian Highway Fracked Gas Pipeline

August 6, 2020: NEW ECONOMIC ENERGY REPORT: CPS Energy’s FlexSTEP Program Should Do More to Support San Antonio Ratepayers

August 4, 2020: Texas Railroad Commission Adopts Lackluster Proposal for Public Comment to Improve Flaring and Venting Permit Requests

July 30, 2020: Appeals Court Again Deals Major Blow to ExxonMobil’s Attempt to Avoid Responsibility for Record-Setting Clean Air Act Violations

July 28, 2020: Trump to Tout Permian Fossil Fuel Development as Local Communities Face Rising Pollution

July 27, 2020: Kinder Morgan Spills More Drilling Fluid Along Permian Highway Pipeline Route

June 26, 2020: Bureau of Land Management Cancels Proposal to Lease Public Land in Lake Lewisville to Fracking

June 24, 2020: Sierra Club Urges Court to Halt Construction on Parts of Permian Highway Fracked Gas Pipeline

June 16, 2020: Sierra Club Calls on Railroad Commission to Eliminate Flaring by 2025 

May 20, 2020: Xcel Reaffirms Commitment to Retire Tolk Coal Plant in Texas by 2032 in Agreement with Sierra Club

May 20, 2020: Sierra Club Tells Railroad Commissioners: Do Better On Enforcement and Transparency

May 15, 2020: Mystery Surrounds Reports of Arizona Technology Company with Plans To Seasonally Operate Mothballed Gibbons Creek Power Plant

May 15, 2020: Environmental Groups Call On TCEQ to Include Impacted Communities In Pollution Monitoring Decisions

May 6, 2020: Ignoring Threat to Local Air Quality, TCEQ Approves Permit for Texas LNG

May 6, 2020: Environmental and Consumer Groups Oppose Gas Rate Increase

May 5, 2020: Environmental Coalition Condemns Railroad Commission's Decision to Allow Rogue Flaring and Venting at Drilling Sites and to Relax Environmental Protections

April 30, 2020: Sierra Club Lawsuit Challenges Construction of Permian Highway Fracked Gas Pipeline

April 27, 2020: Sierra Club Files Legal Action to Force Environmental Protection Agency to Address the Nation’s Largest SO2 Polluter 

April 22, 2020: Sierra Club Steps in as Watchdog After Trump’s EPA Uses COVID-19 Crisis to Curb Enforcement of Pollution Laws

April 21, 2020: Sierra Club Calls on Railroad Commission to Stop Allowing Industry to Flare Off Gas at Drilling Sites

April 20, 2020: Lawsuits Challenge Approval of Rio Grande and Annova Fracked Gas Export Facilities in Texas for Harm to Endangered Ocelot

April 14, 2020: Sierra Club to Railroad Commission: If You Want Stability, Focus on Addressing the Pollution From Flaring and Venting

April 8, 2020: Organizations Compel Gov. Greg Abbott to Suspend All Utility Disconnections in Texas During COVID-19 Emergency

April 8, 2020: Sierra Club Challenges EPA’s Attempt to Reinstate Air Pollution Loopholes in Texas

April 2, 2020: Kinder Morgan Spills Into Drinking Water During Construction of Permian Highway Fracked Gas Pipeline

March 27, 2020: Local Residents, Environmental Groups File Three New Lawsuits Challenging Rio Grande Valley LNG Export Terminals

March 27, 2020: Austinites Use Speaker Phone in City Council Meeting to Critique and Support Passage of Austin Energy's 2030 Resource Plan

March 26, 2020: Sierra Club Applauds Public Utility Commission of Texas Actions to Suspend Water and Residential Electric Disconnections

February 20, 2020: Local Residents Sue Federal Energy Regulatory Commission For Approving Fracked Gas Facility

January 14, 2020: Xcel Rate Case Agreement Includes Commitment to Retire Tolk Coal-Fired Power Plant in Texas by 2032


December 20, 2019: Sierra Club Releases 2019 Texas Legislative Scorecard

December 3, 2019: Legal Challenge Secures Key Accountability Measures and Air Pollution Reductions at West Texas Gas Plant

November 21, 2019: South Texas Fracked Gas Export Proposals Face Continued Hurdles Despite FERC Approval

November 20, 2019: Rio Grande Valley Residents Protest Texas LNG at TCEQ Contest Case Hearing

November 4, 2019: EPA Proposes Another Plan That DoesNothing to Help our National Parks and Will Likely Increase Air Pollution Across Texas

October 24, 2019: 28 Organizations Call on Houston’s Mayor Turner to Drop Support for Rio Grande LNG Fracked Gas Project

October 17, 2019: San Antonians Call for Utility Accountability After City's Apporval of Climate Action Plan

October 10, 2019: Sierra Club Launches First-of-Its-Kind Texas Clean Energy Scorecard

October 9, 2019: Sierra Club Argues in Federal Court for Texas to Clean Up the Air in San Antonio and Surrounding Communities

October 1, 2019: Cameron County Ignores Community, Approves Annova LNG Tax Break Deal

September 20, 2019: Sierra Club Statement on Imelda Floods

August 22, 2019: Sierra Club condemns the Environmental Protection Agency’s Rollback of SO2 pollution standards for Texas Coal plants

August 20, 2019: Cameron County Delays Vote on Annova LNG Tax Abatement

August 20, 2019: Sierra Club Files Legal Action to Force U.S. EPA to Address Unsafe Texas Air Pollution

July 26, 2019: Communities on Two Continents Send Message: Save Rio Grande Valley From LNG

July 22, 2019: Environmental Groups Spur TCEQ to Sue Valero – But Agency Must Now Deliver Clean Air for Port Arthur Residents

July 12, 2019: Letter of Request to TCEQ's Toxicology Division  

July 10, 2019: New Report: Banks and Investors Should Avoid Supporting Rio Grande Valley LNG Projects

July 10, 2019: City of Bryan Approves Coal Plant Decommissioning Plan

July 1, 2019: Texas Cities Smartly Decide to Move Forward Without Coal; Gibbons Creek Power Plant to Retire Permanently 

June 26, 2019: NEW ECONOMIC REPORT: Compared to Continued Operation Through 2040, Replacing San Antonio’s Remaining Coal Units With Renewable Energy Could Save Customers Almost $1 Billion Over 15 Years 

June 14, 2019: Statements of Organizations Opposed to Governor Abbott’s Action on HB 3557 - the Protest Over-criminalization Bill

June 12, 2019: Coastal Bend & Central Texas Residents Protest TCEQ Approval of Air Pollution Permit for Exxon/Mobil/Saudi Plastics Plant

May 22, 2019: Valero Faces Clean Air Lawsuit for Violations at Port Arthur, Texas Refinery

May 7, 2019: Advocates Challenge EPA for Leaving Weak Clean Air Protections in Place in Eight States

April 19, 2019: Opposition Remains as FERC Releases Environmental Review of Proposed Annova LNG Fracked Gas Export Terminal

March 15, 2019: FERC Releases Final Environmental Review of Proposed Texas LNG Fracked Gas Export Terminal

March 11, 2019: Environmental Groups Will Sue Over Air Pollution from Ector County Gas Plant

February 25, 2019: Advocates Hand Deliver Public Comments Opposing Annova LNG Fracked Gas Export Terminal to TCEQ

January 24, 2019: Opposition to Exxon-SABIC Ethane Cracker, Petrochemical Buildout in Coastal Bend Grows Ahead of Permit Hearing

January 11, 2019: Local Residents Speak Out at People’s Hearing to Stop Permitting of Annova LNG Fracked Gas Terminal in South Texas


December 18, 2018: Over 900 Public Comments Submitted in Opposition to Texas LNG Export Terminal

December 17, 2018: San Antonio Environmental Justice Community Celebrates Retirement of Oldest, Dirtiest Coal Plant

December 14, 2018: Annova LNG Draft Environmental Impact Statement Issued

December 12, 2018: TCEQ Denies Contested Case Hearings to Protest Rio Grande LNG Air Permit 

December 4, 2018: Xcel Energy Announces Ambitious Plan To Eliminate Carbon Emissions by 2050

December 4, 2018: Over 850 Public Comments Submitted in Opposition to Rio Grande LNG and Rio Bravo Pipeline

November 16, 2018: Local Coalition Hosts People’s Hearing to Stop Permitting of Polluting LNG Projects in South Texas

November 15, 2018: City of Denton Signs on Two More Solar Contracts

October 18, 2018: Austin City Council Moves Toward Renewable Energy Goals By Approving Another Solar Contract

September 28, 2018: Sierra Club and EDF Defend EPA Decision that San Antonio Does Not Meet Federal Smog Standards

September 26, 2018: EPA Hosts Hearing For Proposed Plan That Will Increase Air Pollution Across Texas

September 11, 2018: New Sierra Club Report Showcases 10 U.S. Cities Moving To 100% Clean Energy 

August 23, 2018: Big Oil Wants Taypayer-Funded Protection from Climate Change Crisis of its own Making

August 17, 2018: Air pollution throughout the South Central U.S. would continue under new proposed rule

August 13, 2018: Army Corps of Engineers Cancels Annova LNG Permit Application

July 26, 2018: Petrobras Settles Air Pollution Suit Against Pasadena Refinery

July 18, 2018: New EPA Designation Step In Right Direction To Address Unsafe Smog Pollution In San Antonio

June 15, 2018: Texans Rally Outside LNG Company NextDecade’s Shareholder Meeting

June 5, 2018: Climate Justice Coalition Announces Proposed Climate Goals For San Antonio's Public Utility CPS Energy

May 20, 2018: Hundreds Support Lummi Nation In Call to Bring Captured Orca Home

May 3, 2018: U.S. And European Activists Host #BreakTheFrackingCycle Demonstrations Across Four Countries

April 17, 2018: Sierra Club Marks Fifth Anniversary Of West, Texas Explosion

March 26, 2018: Texans From Across The State Oppose Air Pollution Permits For LNG

March 21, 2018: Texas Proposes Ending Unsustainable Commercial Wild Turtle Trapping

March 9, 2018: Proposed Rio Grande LNG Terminal Could Be Biggest Polluter in Cameron County

February 6, 2018: Texas Tell Trump: No Offshore Drilling Off Our Coasts

February 6, 2018: Denton, Texas Adopts 100% Renewable Energy Goal


December 15, 2017: Austin Making Moves On Solar Energy For All

October 26, 2017: Sierra Club Releases 2017 Texas Legislative Scorecard

October 13, 2017: Luminant Energy to Close Big Brown, Sandow Coal Plants

October 13, 2017: CEQ Nominee Hartnett-White Is "Nightmare Scenario"

October 6, 2017: Texas’ Monticello Coal Plant Announces Plans To Close

October 4, 2017: Cameron County Sells Out Valley Communities, Approves Massive Tax Break for NextDecade’s Rio Grande LNG Project

October 4, 2017: Pruitt Blatantly Ignores the Law, Leaving San Antonio and El Paso Communities Unprotected under Smog Pollution

September 7, 2017: New Report: CPS​ ​Energy’s​ ​Coal​ ​Plant​ ​Outside​ ​San​ ​Antonio​ ​Lost​ ​More​ ​Than​ ​$100 Million​ ​Since​ ​2015​ ​While​ ​Polluting​ ​Thousands

August 17, 2017: Statement on Austin City Council vote to include Working Group recommendations in Austin’s Climate Protection and Generation Plan 

July 31, 2017: Federal Judge Rejects Exxon's Request to Reduce Record Setting $20 Million Clean Air Act Penalty

July 19, 2017: The Sierra Club Lone Star Chapter Awards Texas Environmental Activists

June 16, 2017: Statement on Austin City Council Adoption of Solar-Ready Requirement

June 13, 2017: Abbott’s Veto Pen Targets Low-Income Texans, Clean Air, Groundwater Research

June 8, 2017: Sierra Club Statement On EPA’s Pruitt Delaying Cleaning Up Smog in Texas

May 30, 2017: Sierra Club Statements on Water Legislation Outcomes of the 85th Texas Legislature

April 26, 2017: Texas Senate Sneaks In Vote To Approve Kelcy Warren For Parks & Wildlife Commission

April 26, 2017: Federal Court - Exxon Violated Clean Air Act Over 16,000 Times, Must Pay $19.95 Million Penalty

April 20, 2017: Texas Senate Committee Approves Kelcy Warren For Parks & Wildlife Commission

April 12, 2017: Thousands Speak Out Against Kelcy Warren Nomination to Parks and Wildlife Commission

March 28, 2017: (Corrected) Sierra Club Statement On Texas House Passing Railroad Commission Sunset Bill HB 1818 On Second Reading (A previous version of this statement erroneously said the Texas House had passed HB 1818 unanimously, when in fact they had passed it on second reading by voice vote.

March 28, 2017: Trump's Executive Order Attacking The Climate Action Plan Can't Stop Momentum In Texas

March 23, 2017 (Joint Release): Railroad Commissioners Fail​ To "Self-Police" Conflicts

March 2, 2017 (Joint Release): Environmental Groups Sue Petrobras for Clean Air Act Violations at Pasadena, Texas Refinery

February 17, 2017 (Joint Release): Legal Protest Targets Federal Fracking Plan Threatening Dams, Wildlife in Texas, Oklahoma

February 9, 2017: Sierra Club Testifies in Senate Finance Committee on Water, Railroad Commission, TCEQ, Parks & Wildlife Budgets

February 2, 2017: Sierra Club Praises Progress on Austin Solar-Ready Building Code Adoption


December 22, 2016: Brazilian Energy Company Petrobras Faces Clean Air Lawsuit For Violations At Pasadena, Texas, Refinery

December 16, 2016: Corpus Christi’s Water Threatened by Nearby Industrial Operations

December 13, 2016: Sierra Club: Rick Perry Tapped to Run Agency He’d Eliminate If Only He Could Name It

November 29, 2016: EPA Informs Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals of Intent to Voluntarily Withdraw the Regional Haze Rule

November 23, 2016: BLM Urged to Remove 3,100 Acres of Texas Public Lands from Oil and Gas Lease Auction

November 10, 2016: Texas Energy Regulators Awash in Industry Money

November 4, 2016: Energy Transfer Partners CEO Kelcy Warren Agrees to Meet With Society of Native Nations

November 3, 2016: Statement of Reggie James on Rally Calling Out Kelcy Warren at Parks and Wildlife Headquarters

September 21, 2016: Sierra Club Applauds Houston Adopting Solar­ Ready Building Energy Code

July 21, 2016: Statement on Texas Water Development Board Approval of SWIFT Funding

July 15, 2016: Sierra Club Statement on Annova LNG FERC Permit Filing

July 6, 2016: Thousands Call on TCEQ to Deny Dos Republicas Coal Mine Wastewater Permit

June 15, 2016: Sierra Club Applauds the Dallas City Council on vote for the Clean Air Resolution

May 31, 2016: Federal Appeals Court Rules For Environmental Groups in Major Clean Air Act Case Against Exxon

May 18, 2016: Texas Living Waters Unveils First Ever Water Conservation Scorecard

May 13, 2016: Statement of Cyrus Reed - Obama Administration Finalizes Safeguards For Methane Pollution

April 16, 2016: Native Groups Lead Historic Action Against Dos Republicas Coal Mine

April 12, 2016: Feds Pull Remaining Texas Acres From Upcoming Fossil Fuel Auction

March 15, 2016: Statement of Jim Chapman on FERC Denial of LNG in Oregon

March 10, 2016: Texas Polluters Attempt to Block Federal Safeguards, Sierra Club Steps In

February 17, 2016: New EPA Recommendations Address Unsafe Texas Coal Plant Pollution

January 7, 2016: Statement of Cyrus Reed - Texas Finalizes More Energy Efficient Codes


December 9, 2015: EPA Moves to Protect Big Bend National Park And Other Wild Areas From Air Pollution

October 23, 2015: EPA Proposes Federal Plan to Reduce Carbon Emissions, Publishes Clean Power Plan

October 16, 2015: Statement of Cyrus Reed on ERCOT Clean Power Plan Impact Analysis

October 15, 2015: Statement of Cyrus Reed on Austin City Council Approving More Solar Energy

October 1, 2015: Statement of Cyrus Reed on Austin City Council Approving 300 MW of Solar Energy

October 1, 2015: New EPA Smog Safeguards Leave Texans at Risk

Sept 10, 2015: New Analysis Shows Pollution from NRG's W.A. Parish Plant Violates Federal Health Protections

August 12, 2015: Sierra Club Statement on the Resignation of Doyle Beneby as CEO of CPS Energy

August 6, 2015: South Texas Residents to Rally Against Proposed LNG Export Terminals at FERC Hearing

August 3, 2015: Clean Power Plan Finalized to Help Curb Climate Change

July 23, 2015: Statement of Ken Kramer on Texas Water Development Board Reaching Milestone in SWIFT Funding Implementation

July 14, 2015: Advocacy Groups Come to Defense of Environmental Justice Victory

July 7, 2015: Sierra Club Hires Reggie James As Permanent Chapter Director

June 22, 2015: Statement of Ken Kramer on Governor Abbott’s Line Item Veto on Water Conservation Education Funding

June 16, 2015: Dallas City Council to Vote on $450 Million, 84-month Contract with TXU Energy

June 10, 2015: Sierra Club Statement on Carlos Rubinstein Stepping Down From Texas Water Development Board

June 2, 2015: EPA Wins Again Against Gov. Abbott, TCEQ in Court

June 1, 2015: Statement of Cyrus Reed, Sierra Club Conservation Director, on Defeat of HB 3123 Conference Committee Report Keeping Railroad Commission Sunset in 2017

May 29, 2015: Statement of Cyrus Reed, Sierra Club Conservation Director, on Cowardly Move to Delay Railroad Commission Sunset Review

May 22, 2015: Update Statement of Ken Kramer, Sierra Club Water Resources Chair, on Actions to Resurrect Water Gridzilla

May 21, 2015: Statement of Ken Kramer, Water Resources Chair on Last Minute Maneuver to Resurrect Water Gridzilla

May 18, 2015: Sierra Club Statement on Governor Abbott Signing Pro­Polluter HB 40 Into Law

May 12, 2015: Sierra Club Warns of Disaster in the Making if Water Grid Bill Becomes Law

May 4, 2015: Homes, Daycares, Local Businesses at Greater Risk with Passage of Pro-Polluter Bill HB 40

April 22, 2015: Local Environmental Groups and Thousands of Texans Call to Clean Up Texas Air, Protect Big Bend

April 17, 2015: Texas House Votes to Restrict Rights in Favor of Oil and Gas Development

April 17, 2015: Texas Senate Passes SB 709, Takes More Individual Rights Away

April 14, 2015: Sierra Club Statement on the Recommitting of HB 40 to Committee

April 13, 2015: Sierra Club Statement on HB 40, Arlington Gas Well Leak

March 25, 2015: Impact of Bills Aimed at Austin Energy Ratepayers

March 24, 2015: Cutting Wasteful Lawn Watering in North Central Texas, Houston-Galveston Areas Could Save 52 Billion Gallons of Water

March 18, 2015: Sierra Club Cross Timbers Group to Host Local Water Conservation Talk in Frisco, March 23

January 29, 2015: Texans Urge EPA to Set Strong Smog Pollution Safeguards

January 7,c2015: Sierra Club Hires Reggie James as Interim Director of Lone Star Chapter


December 18, 2014: Federal Court Gives Exxon Free Pass Despite Thousands of Air Pollution Violations

December 16, 2014: Sierra Club Responds to ERCOT “Impact of Environmental Regulations in the ERCOT Region” Report

December 12, 2014: City Agrees to Phase Out Austin’s Oldest Fossil Fuel Plants

December 4, 2014: Sierra Club, Austin Energy Reach Agreement on Proposal to Ramp Up Renewable Energy, Phase Out Dirty Gas and Coal by 2023

November 24, 2014: EPA Moves to Protect Big Bend National Park and Other Wild Areas from Air Pollution

November 18, 2014: ERCOT Report Overstates Costs, Understates Benefits, Ignores New Technologies in Report on EPA’s Proposed Clean Power Plan

September 23, 2014: Parents Join Civic Leaders to Highlight How Climate Change is Affecting Families, With Special Focus on Latino Community

August 29, 2014: Historic Affordable Clean Energy Plan Adopted in Austin

August 28, 2014: Historic Proposal for Affordable Clean Energy Will Save Austin Average of $13 Million Annually in Energy Costs

August 21, 2014: Conservation Groups Encourage Input on State Water Funding Rules

July 30, 2014: Dallas Sierra Club Announces Inaugural Earth, Wind & Fire Energy Summit

June 12, 2014: Austin City Council Passes First Resolution Supporting Historic Carbon Protections

June 2, 2014: Sierra Club Applauds Plan to Curb Carbon Pollution

June 2, 2014: Sierra Club and Austin City Council Member Applaud Plan to Curb Carbon Pollution

May 21, 2014: Federal Action Needed to Address Smog in Dallas-Fort Worth Metro Area

May 19, 2014: Sierra Club Press Statement: TWDB Executive Administrator Intends to Move Ahead with Marvin Nichols

May 13, 2014: 64 Environmental and Community Groups File Petition Demanding Federal Limits on Toxic Oil & Gas Well Air Pollution

May 12, 2014: Lone Star Chapter Issues Statement on Seismic Activity Related to Hydraulic “Fracking” of Oil and Gas

May 6, 2014: National Climate Assessment Shows Urgent Need for Action to Protect Texas Families

March 11, 2014: New ERCOT Report: Clean Energy Performs in Extreme Cold While Fossil Fuel Plants Fail

March 6, 2014: Austin City Council Votes to Create Austin Energy Task Force

February 27, 2014: Texas Capacity Debate: New Synapse Report Demonstrates that Peak Demand Can Be Met Through 2023 With Modest Policy ‘Tweaks’