Environmental Justice

Fort Worth Must Have Environmental Justice!

The Fort Worth Environmental Coalition of Communities a coalition of local organizations ( Echo Heights/Stop Six Environmental Coalition, Greater FW Sierra Club, Downwinders at Risk, Tarrant4Change, Sunrise Movement Tarrant County, Northside FW Air) advocating for environmental justice and who are dedicated to exposing the damage caused by pollution in our communities. We believe that all Fort Worth residents have a right to fresh air, clean water, safe streets, and healthy neighborhoods. We believe that corporations that pollute and put human lives at risk must be held accountable and have no right to continue their operations.

What We Want:

An end to the encroachment of industrial development in residential areas. Districts that have an established residential population should have the ultimate say in how their community is developed, not corporation that have no vested interest in the health and safety of residents.

Holding the City Accountable:

Combating Industrial zoning in Echo Heights. What’s going on in Echo Heights is abhorrent, and completely unacceptable. Commercial trucking and other industries have been taking over the neighborhood, subjecting the community to devastating pollution and harsh chemicals. A recent effort was thwarted, thanks to the work of local organizers and community members, to prevent new industry expansion directly across the street from an elementary school which has been there for decades. These are the kind of dangerous developments we can expect to see continue if the city is not held accountable.
What’s Next:

Join us on Tuesday, November 14 at 6:00 PM for the Fort Worth City Council meeting to demand environmental justice in east and north Fort Worth. The City Council will be voting to adopt the southeast sector maps for future land use in the 2023 Comprehensive Plan. The Council must vote on maps that protect these communities from industrial encroachment and pollution and that protect the children attending W.M. Green Elementary!

Lots of work to do!

See the following reports as covered by Fort Worth Report and Star Telegram

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STAR TELEGRAM October 6, 2023





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