Turn Texas Green



Measures on the November 7, 2023 Ballot

VOTE NO:  Proposition 7: State Energy Fund

The Sierra Club has endorsed a NO vote on Prop 7 - the so-called "State Energy Fund." This proposed constitutional amendment is tied to SB 2627, which would create low-interest loans for new dispatchable power plants and completion bonuses. These would most likely be natural gas power plants. There are smarter, more affordable, less polluting ways to reduce stress on our grid.

VOTE YES:  Proposition 14: The Centennial Parks Conservation Fund 

The Sierra Club endorses a YES vote on Prop 14, the Centennial Parks Conservation Fund. The proposed constitutional amendment is tied to SB 1648, a bill authored by Sen. Tan Parker, that would create the Centennial Parks Conservation Fund and allocate $1 billion towards new parks acquisitions. Money for the Fund would come from the Rainy Day Fund. We have also joined the Texas Coalition for State Parks with 76 other organizations in support of Prop 14!


So What About Prop 6 - The Texas Water Fund?

The creation of the Texas Water Fund as a constitutional fund - and its appropriation of that billion dollars - is on the ballot this fall as Texas Proposition 6. At the Sierra Club Lone Star Chapter, we decided against taking an organizational position on Prop 6, as it’s unclear to us whether the good outweighs the bad. This serves to help you make an informed decision when voting for or against Prop. 6.