The Hermann Rudenberg Award

Hermann Rudenberg Award - To be given to a Sierra Club member or other person who has worked diligently for the protection of Texas coastal resources. The award is named for its first recipient, Hermann Rudenberg of Galveston, who died in 1994.  He was a longtime coastal activist for the Sierra Club at the local, state and National level.

Past recipients

Errol Summerlin (2021)

Diane Wilson (2020)

Brandt Mannchen (2019)

Jim Chapman (2014)

Stefanie Herweck (2014)

Carole H. Allen (Houston) (2012)

Galveston Beach to Bay Preserve, Bill Broussard, Director (2010)

Venice Scheurich & Mina Williams (Corpus Christi) (2009)

Page Williams (Houston) (2006)

Mona Mehdy (Austin)

Donna Shaver (Corpus Christi)

Mary Lou Campbell (Lower Rio Grande Valley Group)

Jim Blackburn (Houston)

Evangeline Whorton (Galveston)

Dan McNamara (Austin)

Pat Suter (Coastal Bend)

Elaine Giessel (Coastal Bend)

Hermann Rudenberg (Galveston)