Legislative Volunteer Resources

As the Texas Legislature moves legislation through the process, this page will be updated to include new resources. Be sure to check back frequently or bookmark this page!

Factsheets, Talking Points, & Background

The Winter Freeze (aka, Winter Storm Uri)


Volunteer Training Center

The Sierra Club and partners provide interactive, online-learning opportunities designed to connect activists around Texas who want to see progressive change in climate and environmental justice policy in the Texas Legislature.


How to Navigate Texas Legislature Online

So you know there's a bill that affects an issue you care about, but all you have is a talking point or two and a bill number. Where can you find the actual bill? Or what stage of the process it is in? Or who supports it or opposes it? This walk through will help you navigate the legislature's bill tracking database to find all these answers and more.

How to Navigate TLO


Bill Tracker

Is our bill tracker text too hard to read? Try opening up our tracker in a separate browser. Click here.