The Special Service Award

The Special Service Award is given to the person or persons, members or non-members, who either on one or more occasions have performed a special service to the Sierra Club or to environmental protection.

Past recipients

Danielle Belleny (2021)

Paul Robbins (2020)

Andrew Brinker (2020)

Dr. Mike Slattery and Ranjana Bhandari (2018)

Joan Meeks and the Coalition Opposing the 105 Toll Road and Vidor Loop 299 (2016)

George and Martha Baxter (2015)

Rita Beving (2014)

Zac Trahan (2013)

Sister Elizabeth Riebschlaeger (2012)

Sharon Wilson (2012)

Doyle Beneby (San Antonio) (2011)

David Daniel (Winnsboro) (2011)

Myron Hess (Austin) (2011)

Dr. Robert Gulley (San Antonio) (2011)

Roger Siglin (Alpine) (2010)

William & Lanny Sinkin of Solar San Antonio (2009)

John Parker (2008)

Penny Miller (Red River) (2007)

Citizens Transportation Coalition (2007)

Tom "Smitty" Smith & Karen Hadden (2006)

Downwinders at Risk (2006)

Jennifer Walker (Austin) (2005)

Richard Alles (San Antonio)

Linda Ethridge, Mayor of Waco

Max Schumake (North East Texas)

Dr. Dede Armentrout

Rethinking Our Urban Transportation Environment (ROUTE)

People Organized in Defense of Earth and Her Resources (PODER)

Tish Hinojosa

Carole Baker

George Rice (San Antonio)

Neighbors for Neighbors

Sierra Blanca Legal Defense Fund

Hal Flanders (Big Bend)

Ingrid Hansen

Ashley Waddick

Martha McCabe

Pete Gunter

Gene Collins

Leslie Fields (Austin)

Kirk Watson (Austin)

Hal Irby

East Austin Strategy Team

Don Henley (Caddo Lake)

Brent Giezentanner, U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Stuart Henry (Austin)

Ned Fritz

Merle Dahl (San Angelo)

Molly Seay (Dallas)

U.S. Rep. Charlie Wilson

Angela Knudson (Austin)

David Bamberger (Johnson City)

Maxine Johnston (Batson)

Jim Mattox

Nola Montgomery

John Cheeseman

Ray Berry

Tom Meador

U.S. Sen. Ralph Yarborough

U.S. Rep. John Bryant

Bill Oliver (Austin)