LegCom August Update

By Bari & Tracy

A quick summary of our work in the 2023 legislative session:

The Legislative Committee tracked over 90 bills; 27 of our high priority bills passed both houses and 17 were signed into law. Our volunteer committee worked really well together, had a lot of fun and learned a ton about the legislative process. We also got to know some of our legislators, and many of us had a total blast attending Conservation Lobby Day at the Capitol!

Thank you to those of you who responded to the Action Alerts!!

Legislative committee has reconvened for the interim session to prepare for the 2025 legislative session.  

The Interim LegCom Mission is to keep our volunteers engaged, communicate with legislators, have educational sessions from our expert partners (e.g. on water and energy issues), developing ideas for future bills, and strategizing on failed past legislation.

We have already met with a few legislators so far and have plans to meet with several more.  Our evolving agenda includes clean energy, environmental justice, preservation of wildlife and habitats, decreasing plastic waste and litter, promoting soil health, and banning toxic substances to date.  We are always open to new ideas, so please contact Bari or Tracy (co-chairs) if you have ideas or would like to join us. You can reach us at toiyabe.volunteer@sierraclub.org.

Bari Levinson and Tracy Puckett are Co-chairs of the Toiyabe Chapter Legislative Committee. Thumbnail photo by Nick Christenson.