Nominations, Recruitment & Elections

Your Sierra Club Toiyabe Chapter seeks to actively recruit and sustain Executive Committee membership through diversifying and empowering its leadership to represent our community and region in promoting environmental, social and racial justice.

Chapter and Group Executive Committee Elections are Open

Our Chapter's membership is voting for several new Executive Committee (ExCom) leaders at both the Chapter and Group level.


Get to know the candidates

Get to know the Chapter and Group Executive Committee candidates

Some things to know

  • Terms are for two years and begin February 2024
  • Both Chapter and Group levels have several ExCom positions becoming available that begin February 2024
  • To be eligible to run for ExCom, candidates must have their nomination submitted and be a Sierra Club member by November 2, 2023
  • The election period—when voting takes place—runs from November 15 through December 31, 2023
  • We encourage nominees to volunteer with us, if not already, before the election period to become familiar with our local and regional issues. There are a number of ways—even digitally/remotely—to contribute, support and be an activist on the various intersectional issues we're focused on. Get involved today! 

Nomination & Election Calendar

  • August 1 — Nominations open
  • November 2 — Nominations close
  • November 18-December 31 — Voting period
  • November 23 — Election material printing and mailing to chapter membership
  • December 15 — Chapter membership e-news reminder to vote
  • December 29 — Last e-news reminder to vote
  • December 31 — Election ballots close
  • January 3-7 — Vote count
  • January 13 - Announce new executive committee members
  • January 27 — New ExCom members take office