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Toiyabe Chapter E-Newsletter

  • June 2023 eNews:
    New Chapter Chair, volunteer opportunities, lakes are rising, saving Ash Meadows, Pride Month, events and outings, and more!
  • May 2023 eNews:
    NV legislation, conserve public lands, implicit bias, outings, cleanups, 30x30 priorities, and more!
  • April 2023 eNews:
    NV legislative committee, Earth Month, witnessing history, Nevada Rail Coalition and Inspiring Connection Outdoors need your help, and so much more!
  • March 2023 eNews:
    Conservation Lobby Day, Board of Directors Election, the Mojave Desert Tortoise, Tabling at Events, Outing Leaders, and more!
  • February 2023 eNews:
    PFAS testing, Reno stormwater, youth hikes, All-In plan, volunteers needed, 30x30 sites, and more!
  • January 2023 eNews:
    Our New Legislative Committee, solar on public lands, clean transportation, Outings leaders, and more!

2022 eNewsletters

  • December 2022 eNews:
    Year-end support, outdoor leadership training, final Avi Kwa Ame push, rail expansion, land stewardship, Tahoe density battle, exploratory drilling, and more!
  • November 2022 eNews:
    Walker Lake win, optimism from Congresswoman Titus, Joshua Trees and Avi Kwa Ame need help, Capitol Corridor survey, help get youth outside, and more!
  • October 2022 eNews:
    Executive Committee Nominations, Clean Transportation, Microplastics, and more!
  • August 2022 eNews:
    Protecting Pollinators, Volunteer, Environmental Justice, Inspiring Connections Outdoors, and more!
  • July 2022 eNews:
    SCOTUS Rulings, Plastic-Free July, Nevada Rail Coalition, Inspiring Connections Outdoors, and Latino Conservation Week
  • June 2022 eNews:
    Elections Update, Legislative Update, Volunteer, Eco-Anxiety, Recycling Facility Tour, Latino Conservation Week, Avi Kwa Ame, and more!
  • May 2022 eNews:
    Volunteer, Summer Social, Car Donations, Amargosa River, Avi Kwa Ame, and Antiquities Act
  • April 2022 eNews:
    Earth Day, PAC Donations, Truck and Bus Emissions Standards, Equity, Volunteer, Avi Kwa Ame, Climate Reality Project, and much more!
  • March 2022 eNews:
    Fish Slough, Volunteer, Justice, Planned Giving, Heat and Our Health, Clark County, Avi Kwa Ame, Lake Tahoe Herbicides, Safe Mobility, and Hot Creek Mine
  • February 2022 eNews:
    Nevada Rail Coalition, Volunteer, Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, Our Wild America, Clark County Sustainability, Gold Butte Management, Inspiring Connections Outdoors, and much more!
  • January 2022 eNews:
    Volunteers, Oil and Gas Leasing, New Executive Committee Members, 30x30 Conservation Atlas, Solar Power, and Tree Ordinance

2021 eNewsletters

  • December 2021 eNews:
    Build Back Better, Year-End Celebration, Executive Committee Elections, Gift of Climate Action, Clark County Sustainability, Food Deserts, Water in the West, and more!
  • November 2021 eNews:
    Year-End Party, Donate Monthly, Clark County Sustainability Plan, Sprawl, Red Rocks, Avi Kwa Ame, Lake Tahoe Herbicides, Washoe Meadows State Park, and Every Last Drop
  • October 2021 eNews:
    Build Back Better, Transportation, Changemakers, Volunteer, Algae Bloom Prevention, Tahoe Lake Herbicides, Nevada-Utah Water Wars, and Every Last Drop
  • September 2021 eNews:
    Ban Wildlife Killing Contests, Public Lands Day, Your Political Power, Changemakers, Volunteer, and SNEDCA
  • August 2021 eNews:
    Infrastructure, Bird Dog Training, Healthy Homes, Clean Transportation for All, Avi Kwa Ame, Great Basin National Monument, Thacker Pass Lithium Mine, and much more!
  • July 2021 eNews:
    Plastic Free July, Sustainable Cities, Latin@ Conservation Week, and Volunteer Network
  • June 2021 eNews:
    Legislative Session Wrap Up, 30x30, Energy and Transportation, Zero Waste, Las Vegas Sprawl, Desert Denial, and much more!
  • May 2021 eNews:
    Las Vegas Sprawl, Events Roundup, Plastic Free July, Avi Kwa Ame, Great Basin Outdoor School, and more!
  • April 2021 eNews:
    Mining Tax Reform, 30x30, Earth Week, and Letter to the Editor Party
  • February 2021 eNews:
    Legislative Tracker, 2020 Annual Report, Clean Car Standards, Transportation and Climate Fireside Chat, Rail, Events Roundup, Steamboat Ditch, and much more!
  • January 2021 eNews:
    DC Attacks, Climate Action, Transportation Plans, 30x30, Celebrating Environment Champions, Avi Kwa Ame, Steamboat Ditch, and more!

2020 eNewsletters

  • December 2020 eNews:
    Desert Refuge and Fallon Wildlands, State Climate Strategy, Chapter Elections, and more!
  • November 2020 eNews:
    2020 Election, Nevada Climate Action, Events Roundup, Lake Tahoe Herbicides, and more!
  • October 2020 eNews:
    Election Day, Nevada Climate Initiative, Fallon Wildlands and Desert Refuge, Problematic History, Clean Air, Toiyabe Trails, and much more!
  • September 2020 eNews:
    Nevada Climate Strategy, 2020 Elections, Fallon Wildlands, Anti-Racism Team, Oil and Gas Lease, Las Vegas Sprawl, Pollinator Gardens, and much more!
  • August 2020 eNews:
    Poison in Lake Tahoe, 2020 Elections, Anti-Racism Team, Nevada Climate Strategy, Mining Threats, and more!
  • July 2020 eNews:
    Desert Refuge, Election Day, Lake Tahoe Herbicides, Biodiversity, Plastic Free July, and much more!
  • June 2020 eNews:
    Pausing, Listening, and Learning, Racial and Social Justice, and Covid-19 Precautions
  • March 2020 eNews:
    New Executive Committee Members, End Speculative Leasing Act, Smart Growth, Climate Action, Desert Wildlife Refuge, Earth Day, Sprawl and more!
  • January 2020 eNews:
    Desrt Refuge Protection, Poor Air Quality, Women's March, Sprawl, Climate Reality Leader, Events Roundup and much more!