Volunteer Coordinator Needed

By Teresa Bell

The Toiyabe Chapter is looking for a volunteer to be our new Volunteer Coordinator. As the Volunteer Coordinator I have been fortunate to meet some inspiring people, who are volunteering because they want to make a difference and have made a difference. In fact, many of my friends are people I have met through volunteering. There is a great social benefit to volunteering and very often in this position, I get to hear stories about the joy our members have in working with like-minded individuals who hold similar values, while changing the world.

One benefit of volunteering is that you are exposed to leadership roles. As Volunteer Coordinator, I have had the opportunity to work with all of our Sierra Club leaders and committees, experiencing so much of the volunteer enthusiasm, organization, research, and progress that these teams have.  Volunteering is a great way to develop skills and to test out a particular field of work before jumping in. University students are encouraged to volunteer their time on programs aligned with their passions as a way to develop transferable skills for when they enter the workforce.

The Volunteer Coordinator work is a fun, flexible opportunity and will be supported with training. The Volunteer Coordinator works with chapter/group leadership to develop and implement programs for volunteer recruitment, onboarding, and placement on teams that support various chapter activities, programs and office functions.

If you are interested in coordinating and managing our Sierra Club volunteers or want more information, please contact Teresa Bell at toiyabe.volunteer@sierraclub.org.

More Volunteer Opportunities

Chapter Elections Committee - The Elections Committee will start immediately to work with candidates on campaigning, create ballots and member lists, verify ballots and count votes. This committee work continues until the election closes December 31, 2023. If you are interested, please contact Teresa Bell at toiyabe.volunteer@sierraclub.org.

Teresa Bell is the Toiyabe Chapter Volunteer Coordinator. Thumbnail photo is by Sara Reeves for The Luupe.