Legislative and Political Committee Updates

Tracy Puckett and Bari Levinson, Co-Chairs PolCom and LegCom

March 2024 Legislative Committee Report

We continue to meet with conservation and environmental partners. In March we met with Jose Witt from the Wilderness Society; he told us about his history and the goals of the Wilderness Society. One of the primary efforts is making comments to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) regarding their Solar Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (PEIS) and pushing for a Smart from the Start approach. 

We are creating a campaign to help our legislators pursue legislation to curtail utility costs and increase distributed (rooftop and community) solar.  We will be working with our new Executive Director Olivia Tanager along with the Washoe County sustainability manager, Brian Beffort, to create Action Alerts that encourage involvement of our members and supporters.

Be on the lookout for our Action Alerts and TAKE ACTION!

March 2024 Political Committee Report

We have completed endorsements of our federal delegation (Senator Rosen, Rep’s Lee, Horsford and Titus).  Endorsement announcements and press releases went to all of the campaigns. We have heard back from Rosen’s team; they posted our announcement on X.

Here are links to Sierra Club website endorsement announcements:

The Pre-Primary endorsements recommended by PolCom were accepted by ExCom and these candidates have been informed of their endorsement status.  HERE is a link to our website with a list of endorsements to date.

Filing deadline was March 15, and the team is starting to research new candidates. Endorsement questionnaires will be sent to select candidates based on initial research.

Political and Legislative Web pages are updated on the Chapter Website.