Welcome to the Northeast Florida Sierra Club!

The Sierra Club is a national organization dedicated to Enjoying, Exploring and Protecting the Planet.  We are the oldest, largest, and most influential grassroots environmental organization in the United States.

Our local Northeast Florida Group organizes and participates in outdoor adventures, environmental education, and local environmental activities. We also lobby our local and state government for pro-environmental policy and legislation. We have over 1,200 members in Duval, St. Johns, and northeast Clay Counties in Florida.

In Jacksonville
, we meet on the second Monday of each month, 7 pm (6:30 for social time).
In Ponte Vedra Beach, we meet on the first Monday of each month, 6:00 pm. 

We conduct hikes, kayak trips, and other outdoor activities several times each month.

Check the calendar below or check our Meetup site for program and outing details.

What's Happening

2015 Legislative Wrap Up

2016 Legislative Platform

NEW! 2016 Legislative Wrap Up


Congratulations to our very own Tom Larson!

Tom was designated by Folio Weekly as one of its 29 "Agitators, Truth-Seekers, and Crusaders" on the Folio's 29th Anniversary.

They say of Tom, "Throughout much of his career, which includes eight years with the Sierra Club, Tom Larson has beaten the war drum of preserving and conserving environmental resources like the Floridan aquifer, utilizing clever, creative and, sometimes, bullheaded tactics to protect assets such as the headwaters of Julington and Pottsburg creeks. “You might say, ‘Why do I do what I do?’ It’s because of my grandchild … I want my grandchild to enjoy paradise,” Larson said. Without people like him, Northeast Florida might look like *cringe* Daytona Beach."

See the full article at: http://folioweekly.com/29-AGITATORS-TRUTH-SEEKERS-CRUSADERS,15042


Sixth Annual "Hands Across The Sand"

On May 21st at noon in corresponding time zones, people around the world will join hands on beaches and in cities for the sixth annual Hands Across The Sand to oppose expanded offshore drilling, hydraulic fracking, mountain top clearing, coal plants and tar sands and to call for clean energy solutions for a sustainable planet.

Locally, we will be meeting in Jacksonville Beach at the end of Beach Blvd located just beyond the Life Guard Station starting at 11:00 a.m. for sign in. Be there to make a stand and send a message to our state and national legislators that we are united in our message of no more dirty fuels poisoning of our oceans and waterways and yes to clean sustainable  energy.

Hands Across The Sand participants are joining hands on May 21 to say NO to the use of filthy fuels and YES to clean energy. They are joining hands to implore leaders and decision-makers to end the United States’ dependence on oil and coal and embrace a clean energy future for a sustainable planet.

For more info, contact Candice Rue at c.rue@att.net.


From Our St. Johns Riverkeeper 

After spending 13 days and nights on one of our planet's truly great rivers, I return more energized, inspired, and optimistic than ever before that we can and must save the St. Johns! 

Throughout the Tour, we were in awe of the tremendous beauty and wonders of this magical waterway. We experienced and learned about the rich history and culture, ecological diversity, and economic importance of the river and her watershed.  Our team became more acutely aware of just how special our river is, how interconnected we all are, and how much we stand to lose, if we continue to neglect and abuse her. 

While this Tour has come to an end, the work to save our river has just begun.  Pollution problems are taking their toll on the health of the St. Johns and and tremendous threats are on the horizon, such as the potential dredging and water withdrawal projects.

By continuing to work together, I am confident that we can save the St. Johns!

You can still access all of the daily updates and videos from the Tour at www.savethestjohns.org.


We are planning to go forward with relationship building with state legislators. This is a non confrontational process where we get volunteers to meet periodically with their respective state legislators to communicate Sierra priorities, find out what enviro issues they care about, and during session, ask them to vote our way on proposed legislation.  We will pair folks up to work in pairs with each legislator.  This is a long term process to build a relationship with them, credibility and hopefully influence.   There will be a webinar in a couple of weeks as training and will provide information on priorities and talking points.  

Please contact Janet Stanko 904 208 1341 or janestan@bellsouth.net for more information. 

Action Alerts


We need your help to save state conservation lands from being paved over for a private development project. These public lands are critical to protect Gemini Springs and the St. Johns River.

In 1999, the St. Johns River Water Management District (SJRWMD) purchased Gemini Springs Addition, 948 acres of conservation lands located just west of Interstate 4 on the shore of Lake Monroe in Volusia County.

Now, the City of DeBary wants the SJRWMD to transfer ownership of 102 acres to the city. Instead of retaining it for conservation, the City would use the property for a private development of 2,400 residential units and 258,000 square feet of non-residential space and a stormwater retention facility. 

See Take Action for details and to help.

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