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Monthly programs are scheduled at various venues in our Northeast Florida area - Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra Beach, and St. Augustine - featuring speakers and programs on  environmental and conservation topics.
Check here, on our calendar, or on Meetup for dates, locations, and topics.


Monday, Feb 19, Creating A Wildlife Corridor in Your Yard
Co-evolving over millennia, native plants are uniquely suited to help native wildlife meet all their life cycle needs. Even small native gardens, space throughout an urban landscape, can be enough to help pollinators hopscotch across an area. Stringing together public and private native gardens, we can create a wildlife corridor for our beloved creatures!
The speakers for this zoom Sierra Club presentation are members of the Conserve Nassau Group. The Nassau Conservation Network is a round table of major conservation groups including Sierra Club members. The group’s mission is committed to coordinating conservation work focusing on protecting natural resources, the ocean and wildlife. Our panel of three speakers from this group are well versed and experienced in this area of native plants and creating corridors.

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The Speakers are:
Landscape Ecologist Dr Leonard Pearlstine is retired from the National Park Service, where he spent 13 years as lead for a habitat modeling team with the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Program.
Dr. Elise Pearlstine spent 15 years as a wildlife biologist with University of Florida in the southern part of the state before turning to work as a natural perfumer and author researching and writing about the deep relationship between plants and their pollinators.
Joyce Tuten is a retired high school science teacher, NOAA Climate Steward educator and former city Sustainability Committee member. She spends her time volunteering to protect our natural world. She is optimistic that humans can change course and choose to live sustainably to preserve our fragile ecosystems. 

Saturday, March 2, 11am-1pm Sierra Club Military Outdoors Veterans Outdoor Recreation Listening Session
We want to hear what you veterans and service members want and need when it comes to accessing the outdoors, and we want to understand what barriers are preventing you from doing so. Bring us your expertise, ideas, and examples!
We will provide food and beverages for you during this retreat. Join us! We need your input!
We will meet at the DuPont Family YMCA at 7373 Old Kings Road South, Jax 32217 from 11:00 am - 1pm. Bring nothing but your positive spirit and great ideas!

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Monday, Mar 4, 7:00 pm - Soil Life-Helping Farmers and Homeowners Find Better Success for Self and Planet
This is a virtual program. Mr. Allen Skinner will discuss soil health and regenerative agriculture and the very positive enhancements in the world of agriculture. Scientific processes using natural methods are helping farmers improve their operations while sequestering carbon and using fewer chemical inputs. He will go over the basics of how the science works and how it can be applied to home gardens, lawns, and landscaping.

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Allen Skinner is the owner of Soil Life Organics, LLC ( , a company dedicated to helping customers optimize their soil conditions to get the best results for what they are growing whether it be food crops, turf, or landscaping. He has over 13 years experience of soil health analysis with a focus on soil biology. He received the “Service to Agriculture Award” for Duval County, FL for 2022.

Monday, May 6, 7:00 pm - Creating a Native Habitat for Birds In Your Yard
This presentation illustrates a simple step by step process you can use to transform your yard from a dead zone to a thriving native plant habitat for butterflies, bees, and most importantly, birds.
It will help you understand why a native habitat is so important to our future and the simple steps you take to help our native birds.

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Jody Willis is the President and Outreach Director for the Ixia Chapter, Florida Native Plant Society. She was President of Duval Audubon Society and held several board positions in the chapter over the last 20 years. She is also a member of the Florida Wildflower Foundation, and the Herb Society of America. She is an avid gardener and has been cultivating native plants in her yard since she moved to Jacksonville in 1999.


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