Welcome to the Toiyabe Chapter of the Sierra Club. 

We invite you to participate with us and our regional groups in outings, events, and conservation activities throughout Nevada and the California portion of the eastern Sierra Nevada. Our Chapter's contains the heart of the nation's public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management, US Forest Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service, and National Park Service.  Some of the nation's premier wilderness and park lands are to be found here.  Most of our activities are open to all to enjoy, but by joining Sierra Club you will help protect our legacy of accessible, scenic lands and help provide clean air and water for citizens, visitors, and wildlife. And be sure the check out our Great Basin Peaks Section outings and activities.

Nevadans oppose selling off the nation's public lands

Although the ill-advised Senate Joint Resolution 1 (SJR 1) is likely to pass the legislature, you can still register your opposition to this new form of the "sagebrush rebellion".  Most citiens know that our nation's public lands are a heritage worth keeping accessible to ourselves and future generations.  If SJR 1 were implemented, it will result in the loss of access and the likely sale of our public lands. Register your opposition at the link given here. 


Keep Public Lands in Public Hands

Nevada Citizens rally in support of Public Lands and opposed to SJR1 before the NV Legislature on March 2.  Despite its passage in the Senate, legislators need to be made aware of the public's strong opposition to losing our public lands.


Don't let this happen to our Public Lands



Don't Let this happen to our public lands (Click for the public lands fact sheet) 


Find out more about the threat facing our public lands heritage here.



"Bundy Bill", AB408, fails on lopsided 8-34 vote

An unconstitutional measure was defeated in the NV Assembly on April 21.  The heavily gutted bill was attempted to be resurrected by sponsors on the floor to no avail.  

No ESA Listing for Bi-State Sage Grouse

Secretary of the Interior Sally JewelAt a public ceremony on April 21 with Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval, Secretary of the Interior, Sally Jewel, said "because of your work, this amazing species no longer faces the imminent threat of extinction." She said that his was possible because of the work over 15 years of federal and state agencies, scientists, citizens and private land owners under 3 NV governors. The Nevada Department of Wildlife helped to develop an action plan for  sage grouse habitat preservation and restoration over the birds 4 million acre range on mostly public lands along the Nevada and California border.  See RGJ story here.

The Chapter has hikes throughout Nevada and the eastern Sierra.  See our outings below or here for Great Basin Group Outings.

Date Event More Information
Thu, 05/28/2015 Community Meeting
7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Unity at the Lake
Sat, 05/30/2015 Birdwatching in Washoe Meadows
8:00 AM to 10:00 AM

Mon, 06/01/2015 to Sun, 06/14/2015 Tahoe Bike Challenge
7:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Tue, 06/02/2015 Municipal Election Day
7:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Fri, 06/05/2015 Showers Lake Hike
9:00 AM

Sat, 06/06/2015 Fletcher Peak, Spring Mountains NRA (aka Mt Charleston)
9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Las Vegas, NV, USA
Mon, 06/08/2015 Big Falls, Kyle Canyon
9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Las Vegas, NV, USA
Mon, 06/22/2015 Rain Tree, Kyle Canyon
9:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Las Vegas, NV, USA

Drive Electric Vehicle Event - a “Juice Bar Crawl”

“A Personal Inquiry and Response to Climate Change”

Red Mountain Drive, Black Mountain Court, Boulder City, NV

Cathedral Rock, Kyle Canyon, Spring Mountains NRA (aka Mt Charleston)

Fletcher Peak, Spring Mountains NRA (aka Mt Charleston)

Upper Bristlecone Trail, Spring Mountains NRA (aka Mt Charleston)

Fall Mixer: Tacos Under The Stars

Nevada Hot Springs, near Hoover Dam (NV side)

Best of Valley of Fire

Annual Las Vegas ICO Friendraiser

Get Outdoors Nevada Day

Arches at Sunrise Mt, east of LV

Top of LaMadre Ridge, Red Rock Canyon NCA

Gateway Canyon, Red Rock Canyon NCA

Aviation nation hike, east of LV

New Member Orientation

South Pinto Valley area, Lake Mead NRA

Frenchman Mt, east of LV

Little Zion, Red Rock Canyon NCA

Kingman Wash #1, near Hoover Dam (AZ side)

Sloan Canyon NCA

Fortification Hill, near Hoover Dam (AZ side)

Winter Mixer: Turkey Grill Under The Stars

Railroad Tunnels, Lake Mead NRA

Valley of Fire State Park

Arnight Trail to Pine Creek, Red Rock Canyon NCA

Kingman Wash# 2, near Hoover Dam (AZ side)

Sunrise Mt, east of LV

Hangover Hike, Red Rock Canyon NCA

Rainbow Gardens, East LV

The Muffins, Red Rock Canyon NCA

North Valley of Fire

Anniversary Narrows, Lake Mead NRA

The Best of Valley of Fire

MEET & GREET with the Toiyabe ExCom

Submit your climbing adventures

Desert Creek Peak

Potato Knoll, Red Rock Canyon NCA

Full Moon Rising Snowshoe

Petersen Mountain Day Hike

Echo Bay Eagle hike

Red Spring Thrust Fault, Red Rock Canyon NCA

Winter Conditioning Hike

Sunset Park, urban hike and lunch

Black Mountain Peak, McCullough Range, Henderson

Fire Canyon, Valley of Fire State Park

Executive Committee Meeting

Cottonwood Cove marina, Lake Mead NRA. Cottonwood Cove Eco-Walk, a desert clean-up winter service project.

Calico Hills Trail West, Red Rock Canyon NCA

Gypsum Cave, Sunrise Mt (East LV)

Natural Arches, Sunrise Mt (East LV)

Pah-Rum Peak Hike

Rubicon Trail Hike

Le Madre, Red Rock Canyon NCA

Rawe Peak Hike

Waterfall Canyon, Red Rock Canyon NCA

Petersen Mountain Hike

Community Outreach Meeting

Pine Creek, Red Rock Canyon NCA

Pine Creek Fern Canyon, Red Rock Canyon NCA

Chapter Executive Committee Meeting

Children's Discovery Trail/Lost Creek, Red Rock Canyon NCA

Brownstone Canyon, Red Rock Canyon NCA

Day hike in Desatoya Mountains

Come to GREENFest!

Central Nevada Prominent Peaks: Cain, Tobin, Moses

Executive Committee Meeting

Bonanza trail, Spring Mountains NRA (aka Mt Charleston)

New Member Orientation

Mississippi Canyon Exploratory Hike--Stillwater Mountains

Potato Knoll, Red Rock Canyon NCA

Overnight trip to Climb Portuguese Mountain

Lovell Canyon

Pah Rah Range Peak Ramble--Summit 2 Great Basin Peaks

Community Meeting

Birdwatching in Washoe Meadows

Municipal Election Day

Showers Lake Hike

Fletcher Peak, Spring Mountains NRA (aka Mt Charleston)

Big Falls, Kyle Canyon

Rain Tree, Kyle Canyon