Welcome to the Toiyabe Chapter of the Sierra Club. 

We invite you to participate with us and our regional groups in outings, events, and conservation activities throughout Nevada and the California portion of the eastern Sierra Nevada. Our Chapter's contains the heart of the nation's public lands managed by the Bureau of Land Management, US Forest Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service, and National Park Service.  Some of the nation's premier wilderness and park lands are to be found here.  Most of our activities are open to all to enjoy, but by joining Sierra Club you will help protect our legacy of accessible, scenic lands and help provide clean air and water for citizens, visitors, and wildlife. And be sure the check out our Great Basin Peaks Section outings and activities – and don't miss our blog on outings and much more at the bottom of this page.

Friends of Gold Butte report significant damage


"...Due to adverse circumstances, the BLM and all federal land management agencies have halted official activities in the Gold Butte area since April 2014. In the absence of a land management presence, Friends of Gold Butte (FoGB) has witnessed an increasing level of intrusion near historic and cultural sites as well as impacts to sensitive desert areas that are habitat for threatened and endangered species. Between November 2014 and July 2015, FoGB documented significant damage in Gold Butte. ..." 

- Executive Summary from Friends of Gold Butte report on damage taking place at this spectacular place in the Mojave Desert. Get the report and contact your representatives today.

Damage at Gold Butte

Extremist groups behind take over of public lands?

Going to Extremes: photo from report by Western PrioritiesA detailed report by the Center for Western Priorities links anti-government extremists groups to the "take over public lands" movement.  The report, Going to Extremes, is available now.

President Obama declares 700,000 acre "Basin and Range NM"

There is a new National Monument in Nevada created on July 10, 2015 by President Obama named "Basin and Range" in Southeastern Nevada encompassing 2 remote desert valleys and surrounding an art work created by Michael Heizer called "City".

The President established the 700,000 acre National Monument to be managed by the Bureau of Land Management.  Click on the map to see the boundaries of the new monument or see news story here.

Basin and Range NM

Keep our public lands public

SJR 1 passed the Nevada Legislature 2015 session shortly before ending. The battle to keep our public lands public is starting again.

Keep Public Lands in Public Hands

Nevada Citizens rally in support of Public Lands and opposed to SJR1 before the NV Legislature on March 2.  Despite its passage in the Senate, legislators need to be made aware of the public's strong opposition to losing our public lands.

Don't let this happen to our Public Lands



Don't Let this happen to our public lands (Click for the public lands fact sheet) 




No ESA Listing for Bi-State Sage Grouse

Secretary of the Interior Sally JewelAt a public ceremony on April 21 with Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval, Secretary of the Interior, Sally Jewel, said "because of your work, this amazing species no longer faces the imminent threat of extinction." She said that his was possible because of the work over 15 years of federal and state agencies, scientists, citizens and private land owners under 3 NV governors. The Nevada Department of Wildlife helped to develop an action plan for  sage grouse habitat preservation and restoration over the birds 4 million acre range on mostly public lands along the Nevada and California border.  See RGJ story here.

The Chapter has hikes throughout Nevada and the eastern Sierra.  See our outings below or here for Great Basin Group Outings.

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