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Protecting our home

Protecting our home

From city parks to forests of redwoods, from the air we breathe to the water we drink, everyone depends on a vibrant and healthy world.

Climate & Energy

Our voices can influence leaders and transform how industries are powered. Join us in embracing bold, positive, and future-focused solutions to the climate crisis.


360 dirty power plants retired!

Community Advocates Program

We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to drive transformational change.

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Lands, Air, Water & Wildlife

The health of our environment shapes the health of our communities. For over 125 years, Sierra Club members have worked to protect the earth’s vital resources, natural beauty, wild creatures, and scenic landscapes. Learn how you can help.


Bears Ears National Monument contains over 100,000 Native American sites.

People & Justice

We’re protecting more than trees. The most vulnerable among us are the first to feel the impacts of the environmental crisis. And we’ll settle for nothing less than a healthy world for all.


The Sierra Club mobilized its members to join one of the 600-plus rallies held from coast to coast to demand that the nearly 2,500 immigrant children detained be returned to their parents.