Delta Chapter Executive Committee (Excom) elections are happening NOW!!

We appreciate your patience as we will update positions after elections. 

We sincerely appreciate our members who have volunteered as nominees to help guide our chapter into the future. If we had 100 more like them (and our other Excom Members) things might be a lot better for all of us in Louisiana. These days the situation is critical and it's not enough to just be a member we all need to make a difference or were not going to like our future.


Members who receive the ballot via email will have their member ID put in automatically and automatically validated.

Members who recieve a paper ballot will need to add to their ballot: first name, last name, email address & Member ID

Your information will only be used to verify your Sierra Club membership. Your vote is anonymous.

HOW TO FIND YOUR MEMBER ID: look at the mailing label of a recent issue of Sierra Magazine (see below) or get in touch with Member Care at

Mailing Label
(bar code)
#12345678# (member number between two #)