Environmental Justice

Read past issues of the LA Environmental Justice Voices Newsletter.

We support local groups and we submit comments and press releases on permit applications that would increase harmful emissions. We also host meetings on this subject and are active during the legislative session either supporting or opposing bills 

We have had a program event centered on the work done in Cancer Alley, presented by Darryl Malek-Wiley. We plan to have more informational and advocacy events in the future to provide more knowledge and greater awareness for our members.

Our group tries to focus on environmental justice in a couple of ways: 1) educational programs for the community and 2) opportunities to aid in environmental justice efforts. To name a few events from the past year, we had Bill McKibben, an environmental activist, speak to our group on the importance of advocacy and activism in Louisiana; Jeanette Bell, an urban gardener, who works to increase food access/knowledge in food deserts of New Orleans; and Darryl Malek-Wiley, who discussed his work with Cancer Alley.