Frequently Asked Questions

This page answers questions that new members, long-time members and anyone else may have about the Delta Chapter of the Sierra Club.


Delta Chapter Questions:

Q. What exactly does the Delta Chapter of the Sierra Club do?
A. The Delta Chapter is the Louisiana Chapter of the Sierra Club. The Sierra Club is a national environmental organization and is one of the oldest conservation groups in the country. The Delta Chapter in Louisiana works through its membership and volunteers to explore, enjoy and protect the natural environment and beautiful places in our state.


Q. What area does the Delta Chapter serve?
A. The Delta Chapter serves the entire state of Louisiana. Many activities are concentrated in the areas where our local groups are active.


Q. What local group am I in?
A. Check out the Regional Group drop-down menu on the Delta Chapter home page. Click on the appropriate group. You can also go to the Group facebook page from their web page.


Q. What kind of activities is the Delta Chapter involved in?
A. The primary activities of the Delta Chapter are enjoying and protecting the environment in the state of Louisiana. We accomplish this mainly through our outings program, our conservation efforts and our legislative activities.


Q. Are my membership dues tax deductible?
A. The Sierra Club is a non-profit 501(c)(4) organization. This means that membership dues and contributions are not tax-deductible. This status allows us to freely advocate and lobby for positions on environmental issues such as preservation of native forests and for accountability on the part of industrial polluters. Our membership activities, literature and lobbying costs relating to our advocacy for preservation of the natural environment can be supported by non tax-deductible contributions to the organization.
Your support, through non tax-deductible membership dues and donations allows us to continue our effective, citizen-based advocacy and lobbying efforts.


Q. There is an environmental problem in my area. Can the Delta Chapter do something about it?
A. Since we are primarily a volunteer conservation organization, the best way to get the Delta Chapter involved in your local environmental issue is to help us to identify individuals who would be willing to work with us on the problem. Issues that the Delta Chapter chooses to become involved in generally come from the grassroots. That is what the Sierra Club is all about.


Q. I'm interested in learning more, how can I get involved?
A. The best ways to get involved are to attend a chapter meeting, attend a meeting of your local group (see the group pages for details), or contact one of our chapter ex-comm (executive committee) members on our Contact page.