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Welcome to the New Orleans Group of the Sierra Club Delta Chapter!


Cancer Alley/Environmental Justice 

We have had a program event centered on the work done in Cancer Alley, presented by Darryl Malek-Wiley. We plan to have more informational and advocacy events in the future to provide more knowledge and greater awareness for our members. Our group tries to focus on environmental justice in a couple of ways: 1) educational programs for the community and 2) opportunities to aid in environmental justice efforts. To name a few events from the past year, we had Bill McKibben, an environmental activist, speak to our group on the importance of advocacy and activism in Louisiana; Jeanette Bell, an urban gardener, who works to increase food access/knowledge in food deserts of New Orleans; and Darryl Malek-Wiley, who discussed his work with Cancer Alley.

Protecting Waters and Rivers 

Charlie Pfeifer has been working rigorously against the One Lake Project based in Jackson, MS, as its impact would be devastating for the biodiversity and community around our area of the Pearl River. He has been publicly vocal and active in the campaign against this project, working with Healthy Gulf as well. Last year, we also had the Water Program Director from Healthy Gulf speak on his work against the One Lake Project.

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Join us for our monthly HYBRID meetings, typically the 2nd Sunday of every month. Exceptions for holidays: we meet on the 1st Sunday of February, April, and May.

Our events are presently relocating! Additionally, if you cannot attend in person, we provide Zoom links for each event! 

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If you missed our recent event with Bill McKibben, here is a link to access the recording: Bill McKibben Event (04/04/23) !

2023 New Orleans Group Executive Committee

Reina Protzel, '23-24 (Group Chair) -       

Vance Levesque, '22-23 (Treasurer) - 

Wendy King, '22-23 (Secretary/Recycling Chair) - 

Barry Kohl, '23-24 (Conservation Chair) -

Laurel Mire, '23-24 (Publicity Chair) - lmire2@tulane.ed

Dave Stets, '22-23 (Delta Chapter Delegate) - 

Harvey Stern, '23-24 (Conservation/Outings) - 

James Guilbeau, '23-24 (Transportation and Housing Chair) -

Charles Pfeifer, '23-24 (Political Chair) - 

Grace Cowhig, '23-24 (Tulane Student Liaison) -

Leo Laventhal, '22-23 (Group Ex Officio) -