Art and the Green New Deal

Art and the Green New Deal

Art and the Green New Deal

This fall, we invited the Sierra Club community to share their art and creativity with us to help us collectively grapple with the climate crisis and imagine a future with a Green New Deal.

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We were blown away by the response. After receiving over 150 submissions of everything from paintings to posters, sculptures to screenplays, songs and dances, we have selected and curated a selection of pieces for you here. We selected pieces that encompassed the themes laid out in the Green New Deal, held stories we wanted to uplift, and that we felt would contribute to the broader movement by galvanizing the hearts and minds of folks like you. We asked creatives to submit pieces that followed the guiding themes of this project: tackling the climate crisis and toxic pollution, economic justice, 100% clean and renewable energy sources, our nation’s infrastructure, and fighting racial, economic, and gender inequity.

Over the course of seven days, we curated a social media showcase of selected pieces. Below, you can see our selected pieces in the order that they were presented on Sierra Club’s social media accounts.

Day 1: Art & The Green New Deal: setting the stage for a week of creative activist content ("Artivism")

Day 2: People and the Environmental: coming to terms with our current society's destructive relationship with nature and steps to creating a new one

Day 3: Intergenerational Justice: young people are tasked with fighting a crisis they didn't help create

Day 4: Energy Solutions: decarbonizing the US economy and creating "good," green jobs in livable communities

Day 5: Interconnectedness of All Life: the ecological and spiritual significance of the natural world

Day 6: Reused Materials & Eco-Art: creative incorporation of natural, recycled materials and zero waste

Day 7: Our Social Movements: people-powered movements help us achieve bold visions of the future

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If you want to read more about our Art and the Green New Deal project, you can check out the following pieces: