Kids to Public Officials: We Belong Outdoors

Today’s kids get outdoors less than they ever have before. With time for recess and outdoor play shrinking, and many families lacking local access to parks, our kids are missing out on the incredible benefits to social, mental and physical health that come along with spending time in nature. This is a problem that will take everyone in our society to solve, starting with decision makers who can improve access to nearby nature and create public policy that gets kids outdoors.

Kids who have a chance to get outside know better than anybody how important it is for young people to connect with nature. That’s why we’re asking them to write persuasive essays to their elected representatives, making the case that every kid deserves to get outdoors. We know from experience that when kids speak up about what’s important to their lives, adults listen.

The Sierra Club is proud to be a founding member of the Outdoors Alliance for Kids, which is partnering with Scholastic to invite kids from across the country to submit essays to #AllKidsOutdoors essay contest. The contest provides teachers, youth program leaders, and parents with free tools to help them help kids prepare to do their best persuasive writing and submit their contest entry.  

The resources can be found free online. Any adult can help a student flex their writing (and drawing) muscles and submit their original essay and accompanying illustration. Download the entry form and submit your students’ essays for a chance to win great prizes for your classroom!

Enter by April 19, 2019 to win prizes like a family trip to Olympic National Park, resources for classrooms, Scholastic book gift certificates and more. Help a kid in your life who loves the outdoors see that their voice can make a difference.

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