President Biden: It's Time to #BuildBackFossilFree

I just risked arrest in front of the White House. I did so responding to the call of frontline leaders fighting fossil fuel expansion across the country. Yesterday, led by Indigenous leaders on Indigenous People’s Day, more than 130 people were arrested in the same spot.1 More people will be at the White House every day this week, responding to the call of leaders on the frontlines of climate change and fossil fuel infrastructure fights.

Our message is simple: Tell President Biden to use his executive authority to stop fossil fuel projects now.

President Biden campaigned on a bold vision of climate action and environmental justice, and he's taken important steps toward making that vision a reality. But climate justice doesn't mean building clean energy in some communities while leaving others to be sacrifice zones for fossil fuel industry greed. We all deserve to live in healthy and safe communities free from toxic fossil fuel pollution.

I'm proud to rise today with representatives from frontline communities that have been leading the fight against dangerous fossil fuel infrastructure from the Gulf to the Arctic. We urge President Biden to honor his commitment to climate justice and use his authority to stop approving fossil fuel projects now.

Will you join us by telling President Biden to use his executive authority to stop fossil fuel projects like oil and gas export facilities, Line 3, Line 5, Mountain Valley Pipeline, and the Dakota Access Pipeline?

Bold action is needed from our movement at this moment. Fossil fuel projects are a daily health and justice disaster for communities that live near them -- especially Indigenous, Black, Brown, and communities of color fighting a long legacy of environmental racism and toxic pollution. From oil and gas export terminals on the Gulf Coast, to toxic plastics and petrochemical facilities to oil and gas pipelines, fossil fuel expansion projects violate Indigenous rights, threaten public health, and pollute our land, air, and water.

Fossil fuel development is damaging our public lands and sacred Indigenous sites. Fracking continues to contaminate our water and endanger public health. Expansion of oil and gas exports to new markets and major plastics facilities like the proposed Formosa Plastics plant jeopardize the health and safety of communities on the Gulf Coast and across the country.

All of these projects are pushing our climate to the brink of disaster and we need President Biden to act before an important United Nations Climate Change Conference, or COP26, that starts on October 31.

Indigenous leaders and communities directly impacted by fossil fuel development have been at the forefront of the fight for our climate for generations. Now we must heed their call and that is why I have put myself on the line and joined them in this action.

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