2021 Was a Big Year for the Outdoors

Despite its challenges, 2021 was a transformative year for expanding equitable access to nature and building an outdoors that is truly for everyone. Many of those victories were due in no small part to the work done by Sierra Club’s Outdoors for All campaign. 

Let’s take a look.

We won significant victories in 2021, but our work isn’t finished. We’ve expanded the EKO pass program, but it still only reaches a fraction of the children and families it could benefit. We secured more funding for urban parks, but congressional negotiations cut additional expansions we fought for. And we still need to pass the Build Back Better Act.

We’re preparing for a busy 2022, but that work wouldn’t be possible without all the successes our team achieved this year. Thank you to all of our staff, volunteers, and action-takers for your support in 2021. Let’s keep it going in 2022.