Big Oil's Willow Project Just Got Approved, But Our Work Isn't Over

This morning, the Biden Administration approved ConocoPhillips' disastrous oil and gas project in Alaska. The "Willow Project" is one of the largest proposed new oil operations on public land in the United States and would emit 76 coal plants’ worth of carbon pollution into the atmosphere. Despite this disappointing decision, our work is not over.

Tell President Biden that we need bold climate solutions, not more oil projects on public land!

It was with a heavy heart this morning that I read the news: the Biden Administration approved ConocoPhillips' Willow Project. The harmful effects of this decision cannot be overstated. This project has the potential to entirely undo the clean energy progress we've made, lock us into fossil fuel drilling for another 30 years, and threaten the communities and wildlife who rely on these Alaskan landscapes.

I want to thank you for the incredible work you've done to oppose this project. Moments like these are hard to take, but our effort is not over. We will not stop working to stop Willow from moving forward. That is why we are sending messages to President Biden telling him that we need him to speed up our transition to clean energy instead of doubling-down on oil and gas.

The momentum behind this campaign has been inspiring. Over the past month alone we saw the #StopWillow campaign accumulate over 630 million social media views and generate over 5.6 million comments to federal decision makers. The approval of Willow by the Biden Administration flies in the face of clear nationwide opposition.

We must continue to make it clear to President Biden that we cannot drill our way to a sustainable future. We must conserve our public lands, not sell them off to corporate polluters.

Thank you for being part of this tremendous effort. Days like this can be dispiriting, but we must keep pushing forward. Send your personal message to President Biden today to remind him that we need him to be a climate hero.