Clean Transportation For All

Clean Transportation For All

Clean Transportation For All

The Sierra Club’s Clean Transportation For All (CTFA) campaign reduces the harmful environmental and public health impacts of transporting people and goods while expanding equitable transportation options.

On-road vehicles are the largest single source of carbon pollution in the country and a significant driver of public health pollutants like smog. Communities that live near major roads, highways, ports, warehouses, and industrial zones bear a disproportionate burden from this pollution.

Due to the legacy of redlining, communities of color are often most vulnerable to these various sources of transportation pollution, an environmental injustice that has persisted for years. CTFA centers equity in all of our work to ensure that transportation policies and investments prioritize and benefit communities that have for too long been overburdened by pollution and underinvestment.

Transitioning to zero-emitting electric vehicles (EVs), away from gasoline- and diesel-burning vehicles, dramatically cuts transportation’s health impacts and is necessary to protect our climate and the well-being of our communities.

Beyond accelerating the EV transition, CTFA focuses on expanding alternatives to cars and trucks through investments in public transportation, bike lanes, transit and rails to trails, and livable cities. We advocate for investment in urban development, rather than suburban and exurban sprawl and the highway expansion that such sprawl drives.

To meet our climate and public health goals, we need to slash transportation emissions through ambitious federal policies that accelerate the adoption of electric cars, trucks, and buses. Find out more.

Advancing state vehicle electrification policies complements and expands upon our federal policy work, with advocacy tailored to the individual nature and politics of each state. Find out more.

The transition to electric vehicles will not happen if people cannot reliably and conveniently charge their vehicles at affordable costs. Find out more.

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and the Inflation Reduction Act both offer historic levels of federal funding that state and local governments and community organizations can use to decarbonize the transportation sector and reduce soot and smog. Find out more.

Transforming our transportation systems means providing communities with reliable alternatives to driving. Find out more.

Corporations like Amazon and Walmart continue to pollute near low-income communities, where the majority of residents are people of color. Find out more.

What We Do

The CTFA campaign plays a leadership role in:

  • Developing and implementing monumental federal laws, like the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and the Inflation Reduction Act
  • Advocating for strong federal rules, like vehicle tailpipe pollution and fuel economy standards from the Environmental Protection Agency and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
  • Securing and defending strong vehicle pollution standards at the federal and state level
  • Advocating for investment in efficient public transit, active mobility, and housing-for-all programs

CTFA also plays a key role in state-level advocacy and litigation to advance the clean transportation transition across dozens of states. Sierra Club staff advocate at state legislatures and before state regulatory agencies, including public utility commissions. We’ve helped pass state laws that incentivize EV sales including e-bikes, require utilities to invest in EV charging in an equitable manner, and align with Complete Streets making roadways safer for pedestrians and cyclists.