Climate and Energy

Climate & Energy

Climate & Energy

"The unprecedented scale of these disasters reinforces that we must do everything in our power to limit the extent of the climate change that is already making storms wetter and wildfires hotter.” –Michael Brune

The climate crisis is here

Every day brings more news about sea-level rise and climate-fueled disasters. Our task is clear and urgent: We must fight for each other—and the only planet we call home.

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Lands, Air, Water & Wildlife

The health of our environment shapes the health of our communities. For over 125 years, Sierra Club members have worked to protect Earth’s vital resources, natural beauty, wild creatures, and scenic landscapes. Learn how you can help.

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People & Justice

We’re protecting more than trees. The most vulnerable among us are the first to feel the impacts of the environmental crisis. And we’ll settle for nothing less than a healthy world for all.

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