About our Labor and Economic Justice Program

Young solar workers

The Sierra Club Labor and Economic Justice Program is:

  1. Building strong collaboration and a common agenda between environmental organizations and a broad range of unions and workers’ organizations, strengthening the movement to address climate disruption and its impact.
  2. Growing the labor movement and enhancing worker rights and safety in the development of clean energy economy.
  3. Engaging Sierra Club volunteers, leaders and staff in working with labor to manage the transition from fossil fuels to clean energy.
  4. Broadening the constituency for climate and environmental justice by deepening the Club’s engagement of working families, especially working people of color, immigrants and women.

Sierra Club supporting immigrant workers' rights

Who Do We Work With?

 The Sierra Club is the co-founder with the United Steelworkers of the Blue Green Alliance (BGA), which has grown to include 15 unions and environmental organizations representing some 16 million people.  We pursue our goals through the BGA, with individual union partners, with emerging workers’ organizations and worker centers, with front line communities, and with labor solidarity and research organizations.


Sierra Club stands in solidarity with workers

How Do We Achieve These Goals?

  • We build national, state and local campaigns to create good, family-supporting clean energy and energy efficiency jobs, especially in front line communities, and negotiate and organize for fair treatment of workers when fossil fuel plants are retired;
  • We educate Sierra Club members and supporters and the public about the value of and connections between workers’ rights and environmental protection; and
  • We mobilize a broad-based coalition of labor and environmental groups in support of a clean energy future that works for all.

Contact:  Larry L. Williams Jr., Labor and Coal Coordinator