Sierra Club Archives

Bancroft LibraryThe Bancroft Library, University of Calfornia at Berkeley, CA.

The Sierra Club's official national archive was established at the Bancroft Library of the University of California, Berkeley, in 1958. This archive has been a resource for many writers and others interested in the Sierra Club's history and its influence on the development of the environmental movement, both in this country and internationally.

Included among these archival materials are records of the Sierra Club's national headquarters; mountain registers and records; the papers of more than 70 activists and staff members; as well as the records of the Washington, D.C., and California legislative offices, the International Program, the Legal Defense Fund, the Sierra Club Foundation, the San Francisco Bay Chapter, and the Mother Lode Chapter.

Many Sierra Club chapters have their own archives housed in university libraries or historical societies in their region. Along with the national archives, these chapter archives hold much of the Sierra Club's history.

The Colby Library offers advice and assistance to Sierra Club leaders and staff in identifying, organizing, and transferring their archival materials.

Other archives related to Sierra Club history: