Endorsed Candidates and Proposals (2020)


  US President

Sierra Club Endorses Joe Biden for President

As people across the country protest in defense of Black lives, the Sierra Club recognizes the need to dismantle systemic racism in the United States and within our own organization. We must reckon with how white supremacy -- both past and present -- has shaped our institutions and do the critical anti-racism work necessary to repair the harm done. The environmental movement does not exist in a vacuum, and it is our responsibility to use our power to help abolish systemic racism, which is destroying lives, communities, and the planet. Join the Sierra Club’s Endorsement of Joe Biden

 US Senate
Gary Peters
 US Representatives
Dana Ferguson (D-1)
Hillary Scholten (D-3)
Dan Kildee (D-5) Killdee
Jon Hoadley (D-6) Hoadley
Elissa Slotkin (D-8)
Andy Levin (D-9)
Haley Stevens (D-11)
Debbie Dingell (D-12) Debbie Dingell
Rashida Tlaib (D-13)
Brenda Lawrence (D-14) Brenda Lawrence
 MI Representatives
Isaac Robinson (D-4) Isaac Robinson
We were very sad about the recent passing of Representative Robinson due to COVID-19. His obituary can be read here.
Joseph Tate (D-2)
Abraham Aiyash (D-4) Abraham Aiyash
Cynthia Johnson (D-5)
Tyrone Carter (D-6)
Stephanie Young (D-8)
Alex Garza (D-12)
Cara Clemente (D-14)
Abdullah Hammoud (D-15)
Kevin Coleman (D-16)
Christopher Slat (D-17)
Kevin Hertel (D-18) Hertel
Laurie Pohutsky (D-19)
Matt Koleszar (D-20)
Ranjeev Puri (D-21)
Richard Steenland (D-22)
Darrin Camilleri (D-23)
Alex Bronson (D-24)
Nate Shannon (D-25)
Jim Ellison (D-26) Ellison
Regina Weiss (D-27)
Lori Stone (D-28)
Brenda Carter (D-29)
Michael Chehab (D-30)
William Sowerby (D-31) Sowerby
Justin Boucher (D-32)
Cynthia Neeley (D-34)
Kyra Harris-Bolden (D-35)
Samantha Steckloff (D-37)
Kelly Breen (D-38)
Julia Pulver (D-39)
Mari Manoogian (D-40)
Padma Kuppa (D-41)
Nicole Breadon (D-43)
Denise Forrest (D-44)
Barb Anness (D-45)
Jody LaMacchia (D-46)
Sheryl Kennedy (D-48)
John Cherry (D-49)
Tim Sneller (D-50)
Donna Lasinski (D-52)
Yousef Rabhi (D-53)
Felicia Brabec (D-55)
Will Garcia (D-57)
 MI Representatives
Julie Rogers (D-60)
Christine Morse (D-61)
Jim Haadsma (D-62)
Sandra Hofman-Kingston (D-64)
Nancy Smith (D-65)
Abigail Wheeler (D-66)
Kara Hope (D-67)
Sarah Anthony (D-68)
Julie Brixie (D-69)
Angela Witwer (D-71)
Lily Cheng-Schulting (D-72)
David LaGrand (D-75)
Rachel Hood (D-76) Hood
Dan Vandenheede (D-78)
Chokwe Pitchford (D-79)  
John Zang (D-99)
Scott Vansingel (R-100)
Beth McGill-Rizer (D-101)
Dan O’Neil (D-104)

Sue Allor (R-106)

Jim Page (D-107)

Renee Richer (D-108)

Janet Metsa (D-110)

  Canton Twp.  Trustees
Anne Marie Graham-Hudak (Supervisor)  
Kate Borninski  
Sommer N. Foster  
Tania Ganguly  
Steven M. Sneideman  
  Chester Twp. Trustees
Callie Melton  
  Clinton Twp
Jason Davidson (Supervisor)  
  Kent County Commission
Deb Havens (D-1)  
Jane Newton (D-7)  
Sarah Chatterley (D-8)  
Justin Sheldon (D-11)  
Monica Sparks (D-12)  
Michelle McCloud (D-13)  
Carol Hennessy (D-14)  
Melissa LaGrand (D-15)  
Stephen Wooden (D-18)  
Phil Skaggs (D-19)  
Elaine Isely (Drain Commissioner)  
  Macomb County
Mai Xiong (D-2)  
Carole Chi  (D-4)  
Julie Matuzak (D-12)  
  Oakland County Executive
Dave Coulter  
  Oakland County Treasurer
Robert Wittenberg  
  Oakland County Commission
Michelle A Bryant (D-1)  
Bob Hoffman (R-2)  
Michelle McClellan (D-3)  
Kristin Nelson (D-5)  
Jeff Long (D-6)  
Karen Adams (D-7)  
Gwen Markham (D-9)  
Angela Powell (D-10)  
Tim Burns (D-11)  
Kelly Dillaha (D-12)  
Marci Gershenson (D-13)  
William Miller (D-14)  
Melanie Hartman (D-15)  
Penny Luebs (D-16)  
Yolanda Charles (D-17)  
Charlie Cavell (D-18)  
Dave Woodward (D-19)  
Gary McGillivray (D-20)  
  Orion Twp. Trustees
Eileen Nolton  
  Rives Twp. Supervisor
Joseph Yang  
  Wayne County Commissioners
Tim Killeen (D-1)  
Martha Scott (D-3)  
Nancy Darga  (D-9)  
Melissa Daub (D-10)  
Glenn Anderson (D-12)  



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