Water For All

dark water background with words "water is a human right."

Everyone should have access to clean, safe, and affordable water for drinking, bathing, and everyday life. Unfortunately, Michiganders across the state are struggling to pay their water bills. Why? Because we stopped funding water infrastructure and shifted all the costs onto you, the customer. This shift has resulted in crumbling infrastructure and skyrocketing costs because rate hikes and water shut-offs aren't going to deliver clean water. However, we have a path out of this mess, thanks to Senator Stephanie Chang’s Water Affordability Package which will catalyze the shift toward funding real water affordability for Michiganders. 

OPINION: Michigan must come together to sustain water affordability for all

January 14, 2024, Bridge Magazine
Senator Stephanie Chang, Senator Rosemary Bayer, Representative Donavan McKinney

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We have the opportunity to ensure every Michigan resident can turn on their tap and know that clean and safe drinking water will flow out. The Sierra Club supports this package of bills, which includes:

  • SB 549/HB 5088: Low-income residential water affordability program
  • SB 550/HB 5089: Funding source (2$ per meter monthly fee)
  • SB 551/HB 5090: Shut off protections
  • SB 554/HB 5091: Tenant submetering
  • SB 552-553/HB 5092-5093: Decriminalize water reconnections
  • SB 25: Human right to water