Environmental Justice

Rhonda Anderson"We adopt the following Environmental Justice Principles to provide a vision of how our Club's Purposes should justly serve the Earth and all of humanity. Through these Principles, we intend that Earth's wild places should be protected so that all people and future generations may explore and enjoy nature's beauty; that the Earth's ecosystems and resources should be used responsibly and sustainably so that all people and future generations may share nature's bounty; that the natural and human environment should be restored to the benefit of all people and for other living things, and their future generations; and that no community should bear disproportionate risks of harm because of their demographic characteristics or economic condition."

Rhonda Anderson, Sierra Club's Michigan Environmental Justice Organizer

On April 20, Rhonda Anderson provided powerful testimony in support of Senate Bill 26, introduced by Senator Stephanie Chang (D-3). Learn more about the bill and listen to her testimony below.

From March 6 - 9, Sierra Club Michigan Chapter employees and national staff came together for a Climate Justice and Clean Energy Retreat, which included an Environmental Justice Tour around Detroit (photo credit: Grace Hedemann Photography)

Clean Energy and Climate Justice Retreat 2023 Slides by Sierra Club MI