2022 Endorsements

The Sierra Club is proud to endorse environmental champions in Michigan's 2022 election. 

These candidates have proven they are committed to protecting our climate, water, air, land, and wildlife here in Michigan.



Governor Gretchen Whitmer

Attorney General


Attorney General Dana Nessel

Secretary of State


Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson


 U.S. Congress

Congressional District 1

Bob Lorinser

Congressional District 3

Hillary Scholten

Congressional District 6

Debbie Dingell

Congressional District 7

Elissa Slotkin

Congressional District 8

Dan Kildee

Congressional District 10

Carl Marlinga 

Congressional District 11

Haley Stevens

Congressional District 12

Rashida Tlaib

Congressional District 13

Shri Thanedar


State Senate

Senate District 1

Erika Geiss

Senate District 2

Sylvia Santana

Senate District 3

Stephanie Chang

Senate District 4

Darrin Camillieri

Senate District 5

Dayna Polehanki

Senate District 7

Jeremy Moss

Senate District 8

Mallory McMorrow

Senate District 9

Padma Kuppa

Senate District 10

Paul Wojno

Senate District 11

Veronica Klinefelt

Senate District 12

Kevin Hertel

Senate District 13

Rosemary Bayer

Senate District 14

Sue Shink

Senate District 15

Jeff Irwin

Senate District 19

Sean McCann

Senate District 25

Bert Van Dyke

Senate District 28

Sam Singh

Senate District 29

Winnie Brinks

Senate District 30

David LaGrand 

Senate District 31

Kim Nagy

Senate District 35

Kristen McDonald Rivet





State House

House District 1

Tyrone Carter


House District 5

Natalie Price



House District 6

Regina Weiss

House District 7

Helena Scott

House District 9

Abraham Aiyash

House District 10

Joe Tate

House District 11

Veronica Paiz

House District 13

Lori Stone

House District 14

Donavan McKinney

House District 15

Erin Byrnes

House District 16

Stephanie Young

House District 17

Laurie Pohutsky

House District 18

Jason Hoskins

House District 19

Samantha Steckloff

House District 20

Noah Arbit

House District 21


Kelly Breen

House District 22

Matt Koleszar

House District 23

Jason Morgan

House District 24

Ranjeev Puri

House District 25

Kevin Coleman

House District 26

Dylan Wegela

House District 27