Campaign Teams Update - October 2021

By Marya Hart

Campaign teams advocate for legislative change on environmental issues.

Land Use and Transportation

The LUT team has been busy focusing on several issues, including:

The Minneapolis and St. Paul rent stabilization ballot. The Twin Cities have a large renter population, many of whom are burdened by the cost of rent. This burden disproportionately impacts BIPOC residents, and rent stabilization measures could relieve this disparity and alleviate housing insecurity. After an hour and a half of spirited debate, the team voted to support the Minneapolis amendment, which would grant the city council authority to write rent stabilization policy. The St. Paul initiative, which would directly implement a 3% annual increase on rent, did not receive a definitive yes or no recommendation.

A draft corridor plan for the bus rapid transit (BRT) E Line, which includes University Ave. and Hennepin Ave. in Minneapolis It can be commented on here until October 31st.

MNDOT’s draft Purpose and Need documents for the Rethinking I-94 project. The draft ignores the significant harms of highway noise, air pollution, and physical barriers that affect communities along the freeway. An online feedback form is available for telling MNDOT to prioritize corridor communities.

Stop Line 3

As of October 1, Line 3 is officially in service. While the Stop Line 3 team takes time to process and grieve this major development, they are also deeply proud of the work they’ve done and will continue to do. Sierra Club and its allies are still pursuing victories in the courts, and are preparing to provide support for the almost 1,000 water protectors who will be facing legal battles in the coming months. We have built a strong and beautiful community and will continue to find new ways to show up for each other.

The fight isn’t over. It’s transitioning. Here’s how you can help:

Zero Waste Task Force

The Zero Waste Task Force is learning more about plastic and how it impacts the environment and our health.

On Monday, Oct 18th from 7-8 PM, Mary Kosuth, Climate Change Instructor and PhD student at the University of Minnesota, gave a talk on plastics. The team and others learned about the hidden health and environmental costs of plastics, and discussed sustainable alternatives to plastic. A link to the recording can be requested here.

The Emmy Award winning documentary ‘The Story of Plastic’ is currently available to watch for free on YouTube. It takes a sweeping look at the man-made crisis of plastic pollution. If you haven’t seen it yet, this is a great opportunity to watch this eye-opening film.

Take action: Contact your State Legislators and your Members of Congress and ask them to pass legislation to address the plastic pollution crisis.