Waters & Wetlands

photo of canoer on a Minnesota lake on bright, sunny day


We lead the Sierra Club North Star Chapter in researching, monitoring, and advocating for policies that protect Minnesota’s waters and wetlands. 

What We Do

Our work is to understand the science, policies, laws, and regulations for issues that impact Minnesota’s waters and wetlands. We use our knowledge to advocate for the waters of Minnesota as well as preserving and protecting wetlands.

How we do that

  • Research, develop, and propose science-based policies

  • Monitor agency/local government actions and programs

  • Participate in federal, state, and local task forces or committees

  • Inform the public on our work and issues that need their involvement

  • Develop coalitions with other environmental groups on specific issues

Focus Areas

  • Responsible use of road salt

  • Stopping sulfide mining

  • Reducing agriculture pollution

  • Developing wake boat policies that support water safety and prevent environmental damage

  • Researching the impact of microplastics on humans, wildlife, and environmental systems

Get Involved

Join us at our monthly meetings!

Date: 2nd Monday of the month
Time: 7 p.m.

RSVP and details on the website calendar, video/call-in options always available. Questions? Contact us at steve.ring@northstar.sierraclub.org.

More Information on Wetlands

Wetlands are an important part of the clean water system. They filter pollution and purify our water, store floodwater, and replenish groundwater. Maintaining healthy wetlands in watersheds helps prevent rivers and lakes from becoming polluted.

Wetlands suffer from pollution, urban development, and highway and farm runoff, harming their ability to support life. Wetlands provide habitat for a wealth of wildlife: ducks, dragonflies, frogs, birds, fish, and an amazing diversity of plants. With early melting, small wetlands become rich in invertebrates, providing necessary, life-giving food for reproducing waterfowl and their hatchlings.

Learn more about Minnesota’s wetlands in this 2006 report: Minnesota's Wetlands Legacy: Is Minnesota Doing Enough to Protect its Remaining Wetlands?

Recent Water & Wetlands Updates