State Legislature

Activists celebrate legislative success on the steps of the Minnesota State Capitol


Across Minnesota, people of all ages, races, and backgrounds deserve clean air, water, lands and a healthy climate. We work at the state legislature to pass bills to make this a reality.

What We Do

  • Set policy priorities
  • Lobby for our priorities at the state capitol
  • Inspire Sierra Club supporters to contact their legislators
  • Pass strong environmental laws!

Get Involved

In 2023 and 2024, for the first time in a decade, the Democratic-Labor-Party (DFL) is in control of the Governor’s office, State House and Senate. In 2023 we passed major climate policy and budget legislation. In 2024, an election year, we must build on these wins and help Minnesotans across the state see the impact on their lives. The need for action — from all Sierra Club members and supporters — continues.

Volunteer roles include: contacting legislators, joining rallies at the capitol, writing letters to the editor and calling other Sierra Club members about key issues. Sign up here to be a Capitol Insider.

2024 Legislative Priorities

Land Use & Transportation - Reduce climate pollution from transportation and address the housing problem by making it easier to build more housing near transit and across communities.

Building Decarbonization - Support legislative strategies that catalyze the transition from polluting gas appliances in our homes to clean options. 

Environmental Justice & Clean Energy - Protect consumers from greedy utility monopolies; help low-income households finance energy improvements and access solar energy.

Carbon & Habitat Reserve - Protect peatland bogs and old growth forests which sequester large amounts of carbon and provide unique wildlife habitat by establishment of a land reserve.

Zero Waste Platform - Adopt zero waste policies to generate less waste, and reduce need for virgin materials, trash burning and landfills.

 Recent State Legislature Updates