Team Update - Clean Energy - August 2023

There are some tabling opportunities for volunteers, and a new (or, more exactly, continued) activity for volunteers: clip-boarding. The volunteer seeks people out individually at various events. This is an opportunity to discuss environmental issues and Sierra Club initiatives. For more information, contact

Some news about the Roof Depot project: The community has started fund-raising efforts to obtain the $3.7 million to buy the site. Also, representatives were finally allowed to inspect the building, which had been deemed too unsafe. They found it to be in much better shape than anticipated.

The meeting’s main focus was the Inflation Reduction Act’s funding for individual home improvements. While much of the focus is on low-income people, who receive such items as new insulation or energy-efficient appliances for free, there are also opportunities for higher-income people. A handy website shows you individualized opportunities based on income and household size.