Without the HERC Trash Burner, Where Will Our Trash Go?

When we shut down the HERC trash incinerator, we will require Hennepin County and city governments to take our trash problem seriously and move to zero waste.

What does “Zero Waste” mean?
Zero waste is defined as the reduction of solid waste to nothing, or as close to nothing as possible. This is done by minimizing packaging, over consumption, and maximizing reuse through recycling and composting.

HERC Trash Breakdown

  • Organics (Food Waste): make up 32% of the trash and should be composted.
  • Paper, Glass, Metals, and Plastics: make up 38% of the trash and can be recycled.
  • Leftover Trash: the remaining 30% would have to be landfilled or not generated. This is just 7% more trash than the ash which is currently landfilled from the HERC. Landfills should be required to comply with the highest standards and companies required to reduce packaging waste.  

How will we pay for this?

  • Billions of dollars are available in federal subsidies to support moving to a zero-waste economy.
  • Thousands of jobs can be created by shifting to a zero-waste economy.  


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