Team Update - Clean Energy - October 2023

The Clean Energy team discussed the Minneapolis People’s Climate and Equity Plan at their latest meeting. The proposed plan pushes for massive, ambitious initiatives to build upon past actions and the IRS. One approach to obtain funding is to increase energy companies’ franchise fees, which could raise $10 million. This isn’t enough to pay for the total initiatives, but is not a bad start.

The team identified the following areas where they would like Sierra Club to focus its lobbying efforts in the next legislative session:

  • Clean-heat standards, particularly for gas.
  • Utility accountability; the Attorney General has expressed interest.
  • Developing carbon standards for spray foam insulation that, ironically, currently produces a considerable amount of greenhouse gases.
  • Funding for a design and cost study of a first-of-its-kind CO2 recycling facility.

The team welcomes any other ideas you may have regarding legislative priorities related to our clean-air initiatives. For more information, contact staff liaison Patty O’Keefe.

The team was dismayed to learn that the roll-out of IRA rebates will not take place until late summer or early fall of next year. We may continue with orientation sessions with community groups regarding the rebates in the near future, but would have to have follow-up sessions as the rebates become more imminent. Tax credits would not be affected.