The Change & Equity Team

The Change and Equity Team oversees the chapter’s work to meet our 2015 Equity Commitment (see below). To do this we are working in four areas:

  1. Individual and organizational transformation

  2. Alignment of decision-making, policy, structure and core values

  3. Solidarity, allyship and partnership

  4. Transparency, accountability and evaluation

In each of these four areas, we have specific goals and progress, which you can see here.

2015 Equity Commitment

As the leading grassroots voice for Minnesota’s environment, the Sierra Club North Star Chapter is committed to:

  • Better serving our mission and our members by becoming an intercultural, anti-racist organization that is committed to partnering with communities and organizations to eradicate all forms of oppression;

  • Reflecting in our issue priorities the environmental concerns of all communities that call our state home;

  • Transforming our staff, leadership, membership, and organizational culture to be more reflective of Minnesota’s diverse communities by actively recruiting and warmly welcoming members of all communities into the Chapter’s work;

  • Continually evaluating the Chapter’s issue priorities and campaign plans through the lenses of Equity and Environmental Justice.

Be a Part of this Work

You are an important part of this work! Ways you can help us become a more equitable and anti racist organization include:

  • Come to Partner Events (on our calendar) where you can support, learn from, and build relationships across organizations working in social, racial and environmental justice (see our 

  • Routinely attend anti racism or environmental justice trainings, whether at the Sierra Club or beyond, to build capacities to see and understand equity issues

  • Support the work of the Sierra Club’s environmental justice partner organizations (you’ll see many opportunities in our newsletters)

  • Learn about and apply the Jemez Principles in your work (and consider studying them in more depth)

  • Join our event planning crew, including tabling and outreach

  • Give us feedback on our anti racism and inclusion work

  • See specific ways we're working to integrate equity into all aspects of our work and let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.

Contact Person

Delaney Russell: Contact Delaney with questions and to be added to our Environmental Justice interest list to get invited to special partner events and more!