The NC Chapter of Sierra Club has long been recognized as one of the state's most influential environmental groups. At the local, state and federal level, we lobby for environmental protections and against any proposals that would roll back the protections that we enjoy. We work to educate leaders, the public and the media about environmental issues in order to promote environmental leadership

  • Executive: The NC Chapter works with North Carolina's governor, the Department of Environmental Quality, and other state agencies and boards to promote sensible, science-based policies to protect our air, land and water.
  • NC Legislature: We've had an official presence at the General Assembly for 50 years, and the Chapter is a leading member of coalition efforts to advocate for pro-environmental legislation. We marshal a statewide volunteer corps of members and supporters who actively engage their local and state elected leaders.
  • Federal Government: The national Sierra Club leads on lobbying the president, Congress and federal agencies to promote sound environmental policies. The Chapter participates when federal activities affect our state’s air, land and water. In particular, we team with other organizations to fight offshore drilling, protect our state's national parks and forests, and push back against interstate oil and gas pipelines.