Public Lands

Croatan National Forest

Sierra Club’s mission includes exploring and enjoying nature - along with protecting it. Whether it’s supporting funding for state parks, engaging in stakeholder processes for National forest management, or keeping our national seashore beaches natural - we’re there!

In keeping with the Sierra Club’s core principles, North Carolina Sierrans are working to protect public lands. We want to protect these natural oases for rare and endangered species, to safeguard upstream sources of clean water, and assure that all citizens have the opportunity to explore and enjoy nature.

  • National forests: In western North Carolina, the Chapter was deeply engaged in the Nantahala-Pisgah Forest Plan revision process to ensure protection of wilderness areas. As of late 2021, we await the U.S. Forest Service's final version of this plan. On the coast, we challenged a proposed bypass through the Croatan National Forest, home to endangered species such as the rough-leaf loose-strife plant and the red-cockaded woodpecker, winning an agreement to protect unspoiled lands to offset the roadway's destruction.
  • State parks: The Chapter is advocating for electrical vehicle charging stations in every state park across North Carolina and supporting our local Capital Group in the fight against the RDU Quarry expansion outside Umstead State Park, between Raleigh and Durham.