Sierra Club on National Climate Assessment: Humanity Can’t Afford to Wait


Lauren Lantry, 

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Today, the United States Global Change Research Program released the  Fourth National Climate Assessment Vol. II on the effects climate change is and will have on the United States if immediate action is not taken. This july heat records were shattered all over the world, and this year the U.S. saw several devastatingly strong  and deadly hurricanes and wildfires, taking the lives of hundreds and upending the lives of thousands.

In response, Sierra Club Global Climate Policy Director John Coequyt released the following statement:

“Yesterday, Americans around the country gathered with their loved ones to give thanks, but not a single person was thankful for a hotter planet that’s causing more frequent super storms and wildfires, the spread of drought and disease, and polluted communities. This assessment, put forth by Donald Trump’s own government, continues to make it clear that if we don’t act now, the catastrophic effects of climate change will reshape the United States and the world for those of us alive today and for generations to come. We cannot afford leaders who stick their head in the sand while Americans suffer and are threatened. To avoid the worst effects of the climate crisis, we must move beyond dirty fuels to an economy powered by 100% clean, renewable energy now. No amount of tryptophan-induced sleep can keep us from acting.”


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