Sierra Club Statement on Cement Report and Industry Misrepresentation


Mark Westlund, 415-977-5719;

In early February, Sierra Club California released a report it had commissioned to provide an overview of cement production in the state, “California Cement Industry: Failing the Climate Challenge.” The report documents carbon emissions associated with cement production, and found that the cement industry is the state’s largest consumer of coal in the state.

Cement industry boosters seeking to build a cement plant adjacent to a residential neighborhood in Vallejo have misrepresented the report in public communications, suggesting that the Sierra Club supports that new project, and also approves of adding hazardous waste material in cement production.

In response, Kathryn Phillips, Director of Sierra Club California, offered the following statement:

“The cement industry is a filthy emitter of carbon pollution and toxic emissions, and it needs to clean up its act.

“The Sierra Club and its allies around the country have been combatting the toxic emissions of cement kilns for decades. The Sierra Club categorically opposes using polluting fuels to fire up kilns in cement plants, including coal, petroleum coke, gas, tires, or burning municipal waste for energy. The Sierra Club also opposes mixing hazardous waste materials into cement, and opposes The industry’s cynical strategy to incrementally reduce carbon emissions by increasing the combustion of hazardous waste is unacceptable.”   


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