BREAKING: Atlantic Coast Pipeline Cancelled

Historic Cancellation of 600-Mile, $8 Billion Fracked Gas Pipeline Comes After Years of Opposition

Doug Jackson, 202.495.3045,

RICHMOND, VA and CHARLOTTE, NC -- Today, following years of legal battles and community opposition, Duke Energy and Dominion Energy announced they are cancelling construction of their 600-mile, $8 billion fracked gas Atlantic Coast Pipeline. The project had become increasingly controversial as communities, environmental organizations and racial justice advocates raised concerns over the effects it would have on public health, water quality, and the climate. This historic news comes after numerous legal defeats, ongoing court cases, and a massive coalition spanning multiple states demanded that the pipeline be canceled

In response, Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune released the following statement:

“If anyone still had questions about whether or not the era of fracked gas was over, this should answer them. Today is a historic victory for clean water, the climate, public health, and our communities. Duke and Dominion did not decide to cancel the Atlantic Coast Pipeline -- the people and frontline organizations that led this fight for years forced them into walking away. Today’s victory reinforces that united communities are more powerful than the polluting corporations that put profits over our health and future.

“Stopping the Atlantic Coast Pipeline is a historic victory for the health and well-being of communities along the route of the project, and adds to the mountain of evidence that we do not require fracked gas to meet our energy needs. Now, rather than investing in the further destruction of our clean water and communities, we can continue to grow the booming clean energy economy creating jobs and protecting public health.”


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