Biden Advances Efforts to Employ All Tools Available to Equitably Address the Climate Crisis


Jonathon Berman,

Washington, DC -- Today, President Biden will take significant executive action to marshal the entire federal government to address the climate crisis in a just and equitable manner. 

In response, Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune released the following statement:

“The climate crisis demands that every tool, every lever, and every option available is used to safeguard our collective future. That’s why, together, we’ve clamored for just and equitable  ambitious action on the climate crisis and created swift change when leaders have failed to act. Today, President Biden again demonstrates that he not only hears us, but is working to meet the moment by utilizing the entire government to take bold and swift action that leaves no person and no community behind. 

“The Sierra Club celebrates President Biden’s actions and orders, and we look forward to working together to implement the sweeping changes required to address the climate crisis. We must and will advance beyond review processes to realize the benefits of protecting all of our public lands, of revitalizing communities affected by environmental injustice and the energy transition, and investing in clean energy to propel our collective future forward, rather than subsidizing the corporate polluters that fueled this crisis.

“The path to a just and livable future for all of us demands bold action. President Biden’s efforts today take considerable steps to widening that path for all of us.”


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